How to Create Content When You Don’t Have Time

You own or manage a small business that depends on internet lead generation. You know content is king, and quality content increases your rank authority in search – therefore, more lead potential. So, you began a company blog last year and wrote three posts. Then you just didn't have time to continue writing. You don’t [...]

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My Top Ten (plus one) Blogging Mistakes

During the quarantine, I have time on my hands, you? One of the ways I fill my time is writing. I write books, web copy, and stories. However, what I write the most are blogs. I've posted more than 2,000, and I've made every one of these eleven blogging mistakes and more. How do you [...]

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Is Content Really King?

Content is king. Hail the king! Long live the king! Except … is content really king? Yes, content curation is an effective strategy to bring prospects to the top of the lead generation funnel. Without content, sites end up languishing on page three of a Google search. Therefore, content is a critical need, right? Not [...]

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Is This What Your Content is Missing?   

A few years ago a gunman perched atop an eight-story Indianapolis parking garage fired shots at nearby buildings; although he had committed a murder and eventually took his own life, no pedestrians were injured, in part because the news exploded on Twitter, warning everyone off the streets. Because fear and concern motivated people to share information. [...]

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How to Defeat Writer’s Block

My wife was struggling writing a presentation she was to give in five days. She told me she was blocked because she didn’t know what to write. She had spent more than an hour staring at a blank screen. Not only were the words not coming, she was paralyzed. So, has this ever happened to [...]

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