Recruiting Is Not a Nuisance

Recruiting is not a nuisance. The most important commodity for any organization is its people. It starts with recruiting the best team through best practices. Very few management activities are as important as recruiting, building, and improving a team. Any leader's role will be made either more rewarding or more difficult by the team she [...]

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Finding Your Corporate Blogs Voice

Finding your corporate voice begins by asking why your company blogs. While secondary purposes of customer service and feedback, employee engagement, and community involvement are important, the primary purpose of most business blogs is to bring leads to the top of the funnel. So, with that in mind, a corporate blog's voice should appeal to [...]

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Death of the Salesperson

Yes, we're nearing the death of the salesperson. The day of the fast-talking, door-knocking, drink-buying Salesperson is approaching obsolescence. Old-fashioned 20th-century selling methods are outdated. Consumer's access to information. People don't want to be sold—they want to be advised. It's the death of the salesperson and the birth of the consultant. Consumers no longer need [...]

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The Night Carl Died

The night Carl died is a story I rarely share. However, October is National Pedestrian Safety Month. It’s time I tell my story.  I was walking back from a hike along Eagle Creek near my home recently. As I entered the housing addition where I live, I noticed a group of young teen boys walking in [...]

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