Why is it Called Networking?

Why is it called networking? Should networking be all work? Shouldn’t some of it be netfunning? Whether you’re representing your company at an event, branding yourself on social media, or looking for a job while attending a group function, is it OK to have fun while networking? I think so.  Yes, it’s OK to Have [...]

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A Handy Dandy Networking Checklist 

So, who needs a networking checklist? Let me ask you, have you gone back to attending events in person? I have, although I'm more selective than I was pre-pandemic. If you're meeting face-to-face you might find this checklist helpful. I’ve written a lot about networking, but what I want to share today is something simple [...]

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Why You Should Network Outside Your Industry

So, why should you network outside your industry? Do you attend the same networking events, conventions, and trade shows every year? While you’re there, do you visit the same companies and people over and over again? Do you only attend industry-related events? If you answered yes to all three, you might be missing a golden [...]

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6 Event Networking Hacks

So, who needs 6 event networking hacks? We all do. Even the best networkers occasionally drop the ball at networking events. The most gregarious extroverts may lose sight of the brass ring. Spending all of your time with friends at a networking event isn't networking. It's a night out with friends. There's nothing wrong with [...]

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Is There a Website, Blog, or Social Network for Your Hobby?

Yes, Is there a website, blog, or social network for your hobby? If not—you should start one. I know thousands of networks are floating out there on the inter-webs because my friend Kevin Mullett told me so, and he's joined most of them. But I wondered, are there networks and sites that fit my interests? [...]

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How to Get Introduced

Do you know how to get introduced? Regardless of your purpose, whether it's employment, sales, or finding a solution to a problem, it’s important to connect with the person who has the knowledge and authority to help you. Someone suggesting to contact an organization without an introduction to an individual within the organization is little [...]

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What Not to Do When Networking Moves to the Bar

Be careful when networking moves to the bar but let’s face it; a lot of business has been conducted over drinks. Sitting at the bar at an after-hours networking event, entertaining customers with dinner and drinks, or having a tall one on the golf course are part of the American business culture. It’s also a [...]

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