Employee-Centered Leadership isn’t always Warm and Fuzzy

I believe in employee-centered leadership—hiring for character and rewarding the same. When I was a new manager I didn't. I thought being a commander, a dictator was the way to get results.  It was a hard lesson for me to learn. I eventually realized fear based motivation was counterproductive, and that expecting people to just [...]

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Why Time Management Improvement Activities Aren’t One Size Fits All

I’ve presented, facilitated seminars, and written about time management. I've shared time management improvement activities as if they were one size fits all. However,  I’ve recently come to the conclusion I went about it wrong. Like most human beings I believe the majority of people are similar to me. Too often I base my expectations [...]

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How to Manage Off-Site Employees

Many businesses and managers, with little experience managing off-site employees, are now faced with leading a team that have hunkered down at home. Some businesses have essential personnel on the premises, but even those organizations have teammates who are working from home. So, how do you manage off-site employees? I don't have all the answers [...]

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Top Ten Management Responsibilities

Where do managers’ responsibilities lie? What takes priority and what should be secondary? Understanding the hierarchy of management responsibilities and obligations is fundamental to the success of any team. The importance of one task over another might vary by industry, organization, and culture but these ten management responsibilities will always be key. 10 Activities of [...]

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Do You Know What Motivates Your Team?

At a meeting with several front line managers, I asked each, "Do you know what motivates your team?" Some admitted they weren’t certain. Others said they didn’t know what drove every teammate, and some had a general idea. One manager stated his team was only motivated by money. He shared that when he asked them [...]

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How to Set Communication Expectations that Work

Today there is a greater need than ever to set communication expectations at work that work. With team members on furlough, reduced staff, and people working from home, communication is not only critical to the success of your operation but also to the well-being and peace of mind of your staff. It may be even [...]

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Happy Monkey 

On the last weekend of February, my wife and I celebrated 28 years of marriage and our seventh wedding anniversary. Both statements are true. Do the math. Anyway, we decided to spend a long weekend in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico (Okay, she decided, and I wholeheartedly agreed!) It was a great weekend. We were as happy [...]

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