Why Recognition is Nice but Specific Recognition is a Game Changer

I’ve shared a few blog posts on the importance recognizing your employees. I’ve talked about the positive affect recognition has on your team. In another post, I listed how and when to recognize employees, The Top Ten Times to Recognize Employees. You’d think I’d run out of things to say about recognition, wouldn’t you? I thought [...]

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The High Cost of Poor Recruiting

How much is the cost of poor recruiting? Incompetent recruiting adversely affects an organization on many levels, only one of which is turnover. While poor recruiting isn’t the only cause of employee turnover, it may be the single largest contributor. The absence of a hiring system, not providing training to those who do the hiring, [...]

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Unmanage Your Micro-Managing

So, are you micro-managing your team? Sometimes it's challenging to identify our own weaknesses. As for micro-managers, this can be a tough one. The obsessive control of micro-management interferes with performance, it’s counterproductive, hinders team building, and eventually chases people off. Micro-managers believe no one can do what they do. They may even justify their [...]

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How NOT to Train

This is the first in a series of posts regarding training. I’ll cover how to train, types of training, pitfalls to avoid, and share a few training outlines. But first, I want to start with how not to train people. Training is defined as the continual process of raising the competency of individuals and teams [...]

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Management Candidate Interview Questionnaire

I was recently asked to conduct a management candidate interview for an executive position at a large construction company. Two of the three business owners joined me in the interview. I asked the majority of the questions and facilitated the conversation. We used the Management Candidate Interview Questionnaire below, but before you look at it [...]

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Want to get Ahead? Create the Path

So, do you want to get ahead? Who doesn't? However, sometimes you have to create the path because if you sit and wait for it to come to you, you may be waiting a long time. During an employment interview, a candidate will occasionally disclose they're considering a position as only a "stepping stone." For [...]

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How Do You Choose the Best Management Candidate?

When identifying a management candidate, do you use tenure, skill, character, relationship to the owner (so…she’s your brother’s daughter?), or all of the above? Where should you begin?First, identify team members who truly want the job, not, “I’ll try to do it” or, “if you want me to,” candidates, but someone who has expressed interest [...]

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