How I Stopped Putting Off What I Wanted to Do 

So, how I stopped putting off what I wanted to do was more difficult than I thought it would be. You see, I'm good at doing what I need to do. For example, I publish six blogs a week on four sites, for three organizations, and this one. I'm six weeks or more ahead on [...]

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Should You Hunker Down at Home?

Indiana, where I live, like most states, is gradually opening back up. I heard someone on the radio last week say that we should remember that COVID – 19 is a health emergency that has caused economic hardships. It’s true. The quarantine has been difficult for many and disastrous for some. I understand why people [...]

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Do You Know Why You’re Mad?

Do you know why you're mad? Do you ever get so mad you can’t see straight? You may be experiencing an amygdala hijack. An amygdala hijack is part of the survival system within our brain, and it's been with us since the earliest of times. Faced with danger or fear, molecules are pumped into the [...]

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Learning the Truth about Privilege

How often do any of us receive insights that make us question our beliefs, open our minds, and change how we think? I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s not often, but it happened last week. Last week I participated in a workshop facilitated by Julie Kratz and Ericka Young, titled “Unpacking Privilege: [...]

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How to Protect Your Small Business from Cyber Crime

We’ve all heard of cyber-attacks on large organizations such as these, “Hackers stole the credit card information of 70 million customers from retail giant Target in 2013 and 56 million from Home Depot in 2014; in 2015 health insurer Anthem announced that cyber thieves swiped 80 million social security numbers from its computers; and online auction site eBay suffered an intrusion involving [...]

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Coffee, Tea, and Your Health

Over the years, I’ve read articles on coffee and tea lauding each for their health benefits, and then on the next page found a study where both were vilified as unhealthy. So, are coffee and tea unhealthy or healthy, which is it? Do Coffee and Tea Cause Cancer? Do coffee and tea cause cancer? There [...]

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You Never Know When You’ll be Called to Give

I was shopping at my local Dollar Tree when I was handed an opportunity to give, to make a difference. I was called to give. If you’re unfamiliar with Dollar Tree, everything in the store is one dollar, it’s the 21st-century version of the five and dime store. This has nothing to do with my [...]

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