Show My Dad

My youngest daughter is an excellent award-winning AP economics teacher. She does many good things. She's always been highly intelligent and good-hearted but has sometimes made questionable decisions. A Call from the Police  When she was 16, I received a call from a local small-town law enforcement officer. They had caught my daughter and two [...]

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Naming the Band

Naming the band can be fun. I've performed in rock and roll bands since high school. I've primarily been the front person and lead singer. I have a good rock voice and connect with the audience. I have fun. In the mid-1990s, Dave E., with whom I'd played on and off (more on than off) [...]

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A Christmas Carl

My name is Eben, Eben Miser. Eben is short for Ebenezer. The name is Hebrew origin, meaning "stone of help." Eben Miser, that's me, and this is my Christmas story. To begin with, you must understand Carl was dead. He died seven years ago this very eve. Christmas Eve, 2034. Without this information, the story [...]

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My Kayak Adventure

This is the story of my one and only kayak adventure. In the summer of 2021, I drove to Florida to spend time with both of my daughters and their families. My first visit was with my eldest daughter Dawna, Dr. O’Brien. She and her husband are empty nesters and have become avid RVers. (Is [...]

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Falling Leaves, a Fire Pit, and a Fireman 

This is a true story about falling leaves, a fire pit, and a fireman. Our backyard is at the bottom of a wooded hill. When autumn arrives, the leaves fall, covering our yard. I don't mind. It's beautiful. The wooded hill attracted us to the home. So, I mow and rake and mow and rake [...]

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The Other Right

As far back as I can remember, I’ve been directionally challenged. As a young boy, I would write in the air with my right hand to determine left from right. To this day, I occasionally catch myself holding an imaginary pencil in my right hand when told to look, turn, or face right or left. [...]

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The Day Princeville Got Egged

The story I’m about to share is true. Although, you’d be hard-pressed to verify it. You see, the local media in Princeville, Indiana, kept what happened that day secret. The story took place in 1972 when the primary news outlet for the small town was the local newspaper. The Princeville Ledger didn’t report the incidents [...]

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An Easy-to-Use New Year’s Resolution Fill in the Blank Form

It’s that time o’ year! Time to make your traditional New Year’s resolution. Creating a realistic resolution hasn’t always been easy for me. For example, in 2012, I resolved to publish my first book by the end of the year. It was published three years later in 2015. Sigh. I wasn’t prepared to meet the [...]

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Spend Your Dollars Wisely

Yesterday, I received an invitation to our homeowner's association annual meeting. I have not attended for three years. The last meeting I attended was a budget meeting. The word "budget" was spelled "buget." Maybe it's French, as in, "boo – jeh." The board spent over an hour discussing where to get the funds for snow [...]

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But…But…the Internet’s down!?

I work from home. I manage several social media accounts, and I write four or five blogs a week, various case studies, workbooks, web copy, and some fiction. I have a system. I'm organized. I get stuff done. But today, Tuesday 11/11/20, the internet's down. Noooooo! The Internet's down! What about my Smartphone?  Well, yes, technically, [...]

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