Blond Jokes

Like many things, the truth about blond jokes has risen to the top. Blond jokes are sexist. I'm a blond. My current shade is light blond. Very Light blond. However, there were never any blond jokes about me. So, I won't share a blond joke, but I will share about a blond I once knew [...]

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Breaking the Streak

For me, breaking the streak wasn't intentional. Have you heard of streaking? In 1973 my wife, three-year-old daughter, and I lived in Worcester, MA. I was the assistant manager for the downtown Indianapolis Thom McCann shoe store when they interviewed me for a position at the home office. I accepted, and we moved to Massachusetts. [...]

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The Late Show

I wasn't on THE late show but... It was 1975. I was 24 years old and experimenting with stand-up comedy. I'd recently been the MC for an outdoor concert where I introduced bands and did a newscast comedy bit between sets, much influenced by George Carlin. My best Line was when I announced a newsflash, [...]

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Falling for 20 Minutes

Falling for 20 minutes is how my dad put it. I didn’t learn until I fell a couple of years ago that I have an imbalance in my inner ears. The vestibular system was out of balance. My right ear tested 60% different from my left. I’m not a doctor, so I’m sure a professional [...]

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It’s Not a Stop Sign

I live in Indianapolis, next to the town of Speedway, IN. It’s where the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is and the Indy 500 race runs. It’s the single largest spectator one-day event in the world. I’m so close to Speedway that I often tell people I live in Speedway. Our neighborhood is so close it’s part [...]

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Happy Birthday

My wife, my best friend, and I have been married for 30 years. We first met when she auditioned as a bass player to join the band I fronted. I joke that I married one of the guys in the band. Yes, we’ve been married for 30 years, but we’ve been friends for 40 or [...]

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It’s a Noun

So, it's a noun; what does that mean? Let me explain. My oldest daughter met and married an Englishman. They met while working at Bradford Woods, a camp near Martinsville, IN. "Bradford Woods is Indiana University's Outdoor Center. We provide experiential and therapeutic outdoor programs to people of all backgrounds and abilities on our 2,500-acre [...]

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Show My Dad

My youngest daughter is an excellent award-winning AP economics teacher. She does many good things. She's always been highly intelligent and good-hearted but has sometimes made questionable decisions. A Call from the Police  When she was 16, I received a call from a local small-town law enforcement officer. They had caught my daughter and two [...]

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