The Next Big Thing in Blogging The Scanabilty Filter

Editor's note: While editing this post from Mr. Clark, I searched for a hyperlink to "The Scanabilty Filter – A New Way to Write." I didn't find one because there is no such thing, and this post is illogical. You can be certain the writer's tongue was held to his cheek throughout the entire post. Content marketing [...]

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What Was the Worst Christmas Gift You Ever Received?

So, what was the worst Christmas gift you ever received? Let me begin by saying I'm not ungrateful for gifts. It's the thought that counts, right? However, this list could have been titled "What Were They Thinking?" I gathered this list from friends and former co-workers. I couldn't make this up. *The names have been [...]

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Should Humor Be Used in Marketing?

So, should humor be used in marketing? Yes, it should be used but be careful. Using humor in marketing can help a brand connect with an audience by showing a human side. You can use humor in marketing to grab attention, engage an audience, and create interest. However, it can also backfire when used inappropriately. [...]

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Keep the Change

The phrase "Keep the change" has been around for decades, but where did this phrase come from? Some say it originated in the early 20th century when coins were more valuable, and it was common to tip with a silver dollar. The idea was that if your bill came to $4.50 and you gave the [...]

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Steak Night

When I was a child, steak night was a family tradition as far back as I can remember. My family moved from Anderson to Connersville, IN, when I was four. My dad was the produce manager at the Standard Grocery store in Anderson. He accepted a promotion as manager of the Connersville store. My younger [...]

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Life in these United States

My mom and dad both made it into Readers Digest Life in These United States. It was a collection of funny and sometimes heartwarming anecdotes about life in America. The first time my parents were in the magazine was in 1973. The Ben Davis Giants and Decatur Central Hawks played Indiana's first high school overtime [...]

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Squirrel One Randy Zero 

Here's how the squirrel won. I grew up learning how to throw, catch, and run because my father did that. We never hunted or fished because he didn’t. My dad played ball in his 40s. In 1966 when he was 37 years old, he played a traveling team Called the King and his Court. It was a [...]

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Take My Wife

The mid-century stand-up comedian, Henny Youngman explained his joke, "Take my wife (comedic pause) please," as a misinterpretation. He once took his wife to a show and asked the usher to escort his wife to her seat. However, the usher thought it was a joke and laughed, after which Youngman used the line so often [...]

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Our First and only RV Vacation

Story by Trina Hargis. This is the story of our families first and only RV vacation. The story you are about to read is true. The names have not been changed to protect the innocent. Our First and Only RV Vacation Saturday, June 13th, 2009 My Dad, Roger, brought his 2006 Islander RV to our [...]

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