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Randy Clark is the Director of Communications at TKO Graphix, where he blogs for TKO Graphix Brandwire. Randy is passionate about social media, leadership development, and flower gardening. He’s a beer geek and on weekends he can be found fronting the Rock & Roll band Under the Radar. He’s the proud father of two educators; he has four amazing grandchildren, and a wife who dedicates her time to helping others. Randy is the author of How to stay Ahead of Your Business Blog Forever and The New Manager's Workbook a crash course in effective management, and The Manager's Guide to Becoming a Leader He can be found on Twitter @RandyLyleClark, Facebook Randy Lyle Clark, and LinkedIn Randy Clark.

How to Prepare for a Networking Event

How to prepare for a networking event isn't one size fits all. I have one networking event, two meetings with networking opportunities, and a virtual conference all scheduled. Sound familiar? If so, are you ready to get the most out of your networking opportunities? If you hesitated one millisecond with your answer—you might not be [...]

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17 Activities Successful Sales Managers Embrace

What are the ingredients to a successful sales managers recipe? Is it hitting targeted sales quotas, building a roster, developing relationships with clients? Yes, it is, it’s all of the above and more, but what activities help successful sales managers reach these goals? As I’ve said more than once, you cannot do a goal you [...]

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10 Networking Introductions to Break the Ice

So, why would you need 10 networking introductions?  Because you’ve been there. We all have. It’s the pre-event networking 30 minutes, and you only know one other co-worker and the bartender, but he doesn’t count because you just met him two minutes ago. The question is, do you stay with your co-worker, sit at the [...]

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Can You Be Replaced? How to Replace Yourself

So, do you know how to replace yourself? Do your career plans include promotions? Do you plan on being in the same job that you have been doing ever since you left college? Have you developed, mentored, and trained your replacement? How to Replace Yourself Does Job Security Mean You’re Irreplaceable? No. Often, job security [...]

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What Networking Events Should You Attend and Avoid?

So, what networking events should you attend and avoid? I’ve made fruitful and lasting connections at networking events both in person and virtual. And I’ve sat through awful presentations looking for an emergency exit. I was introduced to a customer which became a multi-million dollar contract at an event, and I’ve waded through bore after [...]

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How Working for Your Team Can Work for You

How can working for your team help you? I recently met with a young sales manager who wanted to be an effective team leader. After offering a few ideas and discussing accountability procedures, he asked me about a particular situation. His top salesperson had recently taken off several days. He took time off to care [...]

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Why You Should be Networking Internally

Networking internally is a thing? Yes, well at least it can be. I've written quite a bit about networking but so far everything I've discussed has been virtual and in person networking events set after hours or away from the office. Isn't networking at the workplace just as important? What Networking Internally  Isn't Networking at [...]

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How Recognizing Employees Helps your Organization

Recognizing employees isn't only for the employee. Yes, employees seek recognition. They want to be appreciated, but recognizing employees helps your organization as well. But What Does Recognizing Employees Do for me? Last week I was talking with one of my favorite managers. He shared his belief that you can’t expect most people to do [...]

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Sell More by Selling Less

Salespeople in many industries could increase their sales IF they stopped selling. As counter intuitive as sell more by selling less may sound, the best sales approach may be no sales approach at all. Instead of (or at least along with) improving small talk, sales presentations, and closing skills — work on improving product knowledge, [...]

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Don’t Confuse Networking with Hijacking

So, what does don't confuse networking with hijacking mean? Here's an example. I once had a person, I thought was my friend, ask me to exaggerate and “Just stretch the truth a little. You know, a white lie.” The key word for me was lie. A lie is a lie regardless what color it is. [...]

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