What are the 10 steps to building a business brand? First, let’s talk about branding. Branding has become one of those trendy business words that businesspeople throw around to make unrelated topics seem like they relate. For example, although customer service can affect a brand, it isn’t branding — it’s customer service. Sales isn’t branding; it’s sales, and engineering isn’t… you get the point. So, what is branding? What are the key elements in creating a positive and memorable brand? How is a brand built? What are the 10 steps to building a business brand?

10 Steps to Building a Business Brand


It begins with identifying who you are. What is the organization known for? What does it do better than anyone? And what do customers expect from the business?


What is your company’s niche? What geographically and demographically segmented market is the organization’s target audience? And what is the business’s unique sales position?


Create a message that defines your company. It should be simple, communicate the benefits to the client, and be usable across multiple media.


The message should incorporate a voice. Don’t mix elevated diction with vernacular, negative connotation with positive, and figures of speech should be used consistently.


The message should include a logo that expresses and defines the brand. The key is to keep it simple and make the best use of design, typography, and color.


The brand image, message, and voice should be the same or complementary across all advertising media, including social media, print, TV, and your website.


Your brand should be promoted through traditional advertising, collateral materials, social media, networking, and content marketing.

Build community

Recognize and encourage advocates and evangelists, from employees, customers, vendors, and interested parties, who help promote your brand.


Periodically review your brand, in all its forms, at least once yearly.

10 Steps to Building a Business Brand Starts with this

What’s the first step of the 10 steps to building a business brand? And the number one answer is. Have a strategy. Create a plan. Branding isn’t something that just happens, and it shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Now that you have a brand is it time to advertise?

Six Questions to Answer Before You Leap into an Advertising Campaign  

Before jumping headfirst into an advertising campaign, you need to be able to answer six questions —who, what, where, why, how, and when? Regardless of how excited your marketing team is or how enthusiastic the advertising agency might be, take some time to answer these questions before you roll the dice and only hope your numbers come up. Don’t let your advertising campaign be a crap shoot.


Why do you think you need to advertise? Are you introducing a new product, reaching out to a new demographic, or looking for a larger market share? Before you consider any marketing strategy, you must be able to answer why you need to.


Who do you want to reach? Are you trying to connect with loyal customers, reconnect with lost clients, expand into new territory, or all the above? Who is this customer? So, what do they like, what interests them, and what problems do they have that you can solve?


Once you’ve determined your target audience, the next step is to determine where they can be found. Do they listen to drive time radio, follow you on LinkedIn, or watch the big game on Sunday?


How much can you spend in dollars, time, and personnel? Do you have the finances and people to make an advertising campaign work? Do you know your budget and how it should be spent?


What do you want to accomplish? Think about this: how will you know the advertising campaign has succeeded? How will you measure performance? What milestones will be gauged, and how will the campaign be tracked?


So, when will you advertise: mornings, evenings, weekends, or all the above? When will your target audience be listening and watching? When will they be online?

Sounds Pretty Simple, Doesn’t it?  

It is. It’s not a complicated process; however, it takes hard work, commitment, and an open mind to succeed. Otherwise, your ad dollars could be wasted or, worse yet — work against you. Think not? Do you believe the people behind these campaigns thoroughly answered the six questions? This might be a few years old, but it still is a great lesson in looking before you leap.  The 7 Most Embarrassing Branding Mistakes of 2018.

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