Maybe instead of 10 fun facts about Indianapolis I should’ve titled this post 10 odd and unusual things you might not know about Indy. Don’t get me wrong, I love Indianapolis. It’s my home. My two daughters and four grandchildren live in Florida. They wonder why I’m not living near them in paradise. As much as I love my family, Indianapolis is home. And besides, why would you want to live somewhere where so many things want to eat you? I appreciate strange, unusual, and funny facts, even when they’re about my town.

10 Fun Facts about Indianapolis

A lot of hot air

The first event held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1909 wasn’t an automobile race. It was a hot-air balloon competition.

Hold the pickles

The Indiana Medical History Museum has a room full of pickled human brains. Yuck.

½ million square feet 

You may have known that the Indianapolis Children’s Museum is the largest in the world, but did you know it covers more than 500,000 sq. ft.? Did ya, huh? I thought so.

It’s getting ripe in here

Technically, it’s illegal to bathe in Indianapolis between October and March. Stink—eeee!

And a yo ho ho

Indianapolis is the largest city in America without a navigable waterway. No, White River doesn’t count. Trust me, once during a raft race, our raft got stuck on the bottom, and we walked it to the finish.

Number 45

During the Indianapolis 500, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway becomes the 45th largest city in the nation.

Kiss off

If a man is liable to kiss often, it’s illegal for him to grow a mustache.

How tall is that building?

Until 1962, it was against city ordinance to build any structure taller than the soldier’s and sailors’ monument on the circle. Today, it becomes one of the largest Christmas trees in the world every holiday season, with more than 5,000 twinkling bulbs!

A public transportation solution

The first public transportation in Indy were mule-drawn 14 passenger carriages. Is it time to bring back this green solution?

This fact is monumental 

Indianapolis only trails Washington DC for the number of monuments and memorials within city limits, Indy 33, DC 45.

*All facts gathered from Movoto: Facts about Indianapolis they didn’t teach you in school. 

Was that Fun?

I hope it was as much fun for you as it was for me. If you like this kind of thing, check out Visit Indiana Fun Facts. 

More Humor

I have a humor category on my website that has successfully introduced people to my professional services. I’ve collected these pieces and a few others into one volume.

Writing I Think I’m Funny: and it gets me in trouble all the time has been a labor of love. Of the 47 stories in this book, more than 30 are true tales from my days on this planet. Most of those make it clear how my warped sense of humor gets me in trouble.

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Photo by Corbin Mathias on Unsplash