If you’re in sales you should be a problem solver. I recall discussing the definition of a salesperson with a department manager. He disagreed when I told him he was an example of a good sales consultant. In his mind, a salesperson used tactics to convince others to do what the salesperson wanted. I told him that was an old-school, outdated definition. Today, a good sales consultant knows his customers and looks to solve their problems and find ways to make their lives easier. That’s what I’d seen him do.

Don’t Be a Salesperson Be a Problem Solver

Look for Problems and Turn Them into Opportunities

I’d seen the manager I mentioned above in action. He continually looked for opportunities to help the customer and promote his department. I recall walking through a warehouse with him on our way to measure for a sign, watching as he casually pointed out areas where signage could help. He shared opportunities for product identification, promotion, and way-finder signage, which would improve their workspace. Eventually, the company contracted him to solve several problems he’d pointed out.

Take Pride in What You do

I remember working with a new sales consultant not far removed from college. He was enthusiastic and gung-ho about the company and his position. It was a privilege to mentor him. We discussed the keys to his success in sales, lead generation, relationship building, and problem-solving. The other day, he made a sales call to his Alma Mater. As he made his way on campus, he noticed a window decal with frayed edges, an outdated banner, and other graphics that diminished the school’s brand due to poor condition or obsolescence. He took a moment, pointed out the areas of concern, and informed them we would be proud to help when they were ready.

Hard Sell Smells like Defeat

The old-fashioned hard sell is on its way out. People are too busy to put up with the BS and too informed to be fooled. Taking the time to understand your customers and know their needs while looking for ways to make their business more efficient and their life easier will make you invaluable and a great sales consultant. Do you have a favorite vendor or sales consultant? What sets them apart?

New Age Consulting

When I was younger, I used every sales trick in the book and even invented a few. I used these tactics to sell and taught others how to dupe a customer into buying the product I wanted to sell, which was only sometimes what the consumer needed. I’m not proud of my early years in sales. I was “that” Salesperson.

Eventually, I learned that helping customers rather than “selling” them built lasting relationships. It not only made good business sense, but it also felt good. It was the right thing to do. Are you ready to do the right thing? Do you want to learn how not to be a compassionate sales consultant and increase sales while building your customer base? If so, read this book. How to Sell Without Becoming “that” Salesperson

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