Why should I write 5 tips on connecting with boomers? I am a Boomer. I was born between 1946 and 1964, and I’m active on Twitter (X), Facebook, and LinkedIn. According to AARP, “The contours of social media usage are changing, signaling growing comfort. Most of the 50-plus (88%) use one or more social media platforms, with Facebook and YouTube remaining the highest.” And this continues to grow.

So why is this important to social marketers? Since Boomers are increasing their involvement in social networking, it is important to consider how to connect with them, especially considering that they have funds available to spend.

“Baby boomers had roughly $73 trillion in wealth at the end of last year, eight times as much as Millennials did, according to Federal Reserve data. That translates to an average net worth of $1.7 million for baby boomer households, compared with $214,000 for millennials.” — Washington Post — There’s a widening spending gap between retirees and younger adults

According to Wikipedia, “Baby Boomers control over 80% of personal financial assets and more than 50% of discretionary spending power. They are responsible for more than half of all consumer spending, buy 77% of all prescription drugs, 61% of OTC medication, and spend $500 million on vacations per year and 80% of all leisure travel.”([24])

Five Tips On Connecting With Boomers

  1. Keep it Simple

Make it easy. If you want to engage Boomers, make it easy. Remember, we didn’t see a computer until we were older than most of you are now! If we have to jump through too many hoops, we might become frustrated and give up.

  1. Set Boundaries

Remember George Carlin or Richard Prior? If you don’t, these comedians were often politically incorrect. Imagine them on your Facebook account. Upon receiving a Facebook friend request from his father, Will Smith (not the actor) explained to his father what was not acceptable (PCWorld.com). “Politics, sex, jokes, things you find funny but offend me, comments about family members, any combination of the aforementioned items, and pretty much every email you’ve ever sent me.”

  1. Grammar Matters 

We have watched the language devolve, u no? Understandably, many Boomers think the rules have been thrown out the window. Take the time to explain that poor grammar, misspelling, and lousy writing do influence readers on social networks. It is not okay to call it “the ‘puter.”

  1.  Teach us Proper Social Network Etiquette

Sometimes, we are so excited when we learn how to do something that we overlook what is next. Should I have mentioned them in the RT? Oh, was I supposed to thank someone for friending me? These simple netiquette cues need to be explained to Boomers.

  1. Speak Our Language

Boomers may not keep up with the latest and greatest APP-a-dohickie. We are more excited just to be in the game! If we stare at you with a glazed, distant look, be patient and explain it to us.

What’s Your Plan?

When creating your next social media marketing plan, do not overlook the connecting with Boomers. Do a little research and find out where the Boomers hang in your neighborhood.

And remember, like they always say… what was it they say? There was something I wanted to share…now what was it? It was just on the tip of my tongue. Oh well…make yourself a great day! Peace.

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