y beverages number 8 Holiday beverages number 8 takes us back to hot winter drinks, although here in Indy, it’s in the 50s today. There will be no white Christmas this year for us.

Holiday Beverages Number 8

Irish Coffee

Today’s beverage is Irish coffee. We take our coffee seriously at the Clark household. We order beans from Guatemala and grind them. Food Network — The original Irish coffee is coffee with a tablespoon or so of brown sugar, about an ounce, and ½ of whiskey and heavy cream. However, here are recipes that include Kahlua and Baileys.

There’s debate and discussion not only on the best whiskey to use (it should be Irish whiskey, shouldn’t it?) but also on what coffee, for example, some call for expresso. Other additives include maple syrup, vanilla, and seasonal spices. And finally, the question is, should it be topped with whipped cream? Sounds good to me.

NA Irish Coffee

This is simple. Take your favorite Irish coffee recipe and leave out the whiskey! Here’s one example from BBC Good Food  — Non-alcoholic Irish cream liqueur.



·        150ml double cream

·        50ml evaporated milk

·        2 tbsp maple syrup

·        25ml freshly brewed espresso

·        pinch of ground cinnamon

·        1 tsp vanilla extract

·        pinch of finely grated orange zest

·        ice


·        STEP 1

Put all the ingredients in a large cocktail shaker or jug with a generous handful of ice.

·        STEP 2

If using a shaker, shake well until the outside feels cold, then double strain into tumblers. If using a jug, stir well until combined. Serve poured over ice

I think I’ll try an NA Irish coffee Christmas morning. It sounds like fun. Cheers!

Photo by Fábio Alves on Unsplash