Holiday wishes 14 is my 14th! My first Holiday Wishes post was in 2010. There have been many heartful, enlightening, fun, hopeful, and wonderful wishes in 14 years. I enjoy looking back through the old wishes as much as I love reading the new ones. I hope you do, too. Happy Holidays!

Beth S— I wish for 2024 to bring a solution for our broken political system. Selfishly I hope I finish my Masters and get the job I really want.

Maricar — Yes! I’m wishing for successful fundraising so I can continue my work with the young people in Portsmouth!

Carol S — Hi Randy! It’s a big one but I want a new house! Thanks

Josh H — It might seem generic, but I really mean this – wishing for peace on earth and a truly more contentful society around the world with mutual compassion and understanding.

Michael S — Immediately I wish to find funding for my theatre company Be Out Loud Theatre. The funds will go directly to directing and producing our next show during Pride Month.

Mandi W — I wish for everyone to find their purpose in 2024! I wish for people to be more passionate, kind, and thoughtful to not only their friends and family but also to strangers. And as always, I hope every shelter animal finds a good home!

Vicki E – Win the lottery, no more shots, and no more homeless people.

Evan J – I wish Mateo (his son) to have the best Christmas.

Jarred J — I’m hopeful for a world that unifies through human togetherness in light of our growing differences. I want a world my family can live in and contribute to safely, meaningfully, and with caring connections to everyone around them. We are getting there step by step, but there’s always more work to do, and I’m committed to making that wish come true!

Pamela R – My wish is that everyone enjoys perfect health with no surprises

Jen B — My holiday wishes: I hope AI doesn’t end the world, I get engaged ring this year, and of course for world peace. Everybody get together – try to love one another right now.

Kieth M — My wish at this time is that the world takes a giant step back, and with a deep breath, opens all hearts of stone to compassion, love, understanding and forgiveness. If we can do just that much every day then that is a gift we can pass on going forward and work to ending suffering instead of creating it. My peace to you this holiday season and the coming years ahead.

Mary W — Peace on earth…it’s on fire right now.Merry Christmas to you and your’s

Nicki L — What I want this year: I want to continue with the mission I have been assigned by the universe. God seems to know what he is doing with me, so I hope that by this time next year, I will have accomplished the following: 1. Hosted at least 4 retreats with my partner, Niamistica. 2. Have sold at least $250k USD between travel (retreats and vacation packages), yoga, and music gigs for the artists I work to support. 3. Have my dream team of the 5 musicians I want to work with solidified and performing at international venues. 4. Have my travel agency fully autonomously running and generating income, providing consistent tourism to the islander businesses who need the support. When this is real, I have successfully changed the trajectory of a population and an island.

Jason R — I wish we could start 2023 all over again and do it a lot F-ing better!

Scott S – May will all speak and act with kindness the first time, every time.

Erik D — My hope is that I land a new full-time job at a small company.

Christina H – Health and happiness for all.

Tonja G — I wish that the intrinsic worth and value of everyone (without exception) would be recognized and celebrated!

John S – I wish you a Merry Cjristmas!

Scott H — 2023 Christmas Wish is NOT to get a Pony because we are downsizing. For my kids and grandkids, peaceful adjustments as they go with some really BIG life changes, and for all of us to embrace the moments and give each other grace.

Amy A — Peace, harmony, joy, health and safety for families near and far. Communication would be a nice extra.

Larry M — My wish for 2024 is to actually meet more of you all #DigiBlogChat

Jolie B – My wish is for a White Christmas. (something my mom always wished for this time of year too). But have not seen any severe weather forecasted!

Karen B — Peace.

Finola S — ‘I wish that all of us who have worked hard in 2023 will find time to shut down our laptops and spend time doing what we enjoy away from work. A work\device-free holiday!’

Randy C – Life is good. I have my health and my family does too. I get to do work I love to do and spend time with my best friend as well as our cats! Like I said, life is good and my wish is more of the same and the same for everyone!

14 Years of Holiday Wishes


In celebrating the holidays this year, we wanted to know what our friends in the Twitter community were wishing for, so we invited all of you to contribute your thoughts. Thanks to everyone for their contributions, and feel free to add more wishes in the comments form below because we want to hear from you. What’s your ultimate holiday wish?

@RockyWalls (Rocky Walls) My Christmas wish is to spend every moment possible with my wife and boys, enjoying the food and fellowship of the season.

@brewhouse (Scott Wise) Well, I hate to go the route of “sappy” and “cliché” — but, I’d have to say, I have everything I’ve ever wanted esp. in the 3 angels I never knew I wanted and now can’t imagine life without… I have a warm home, a loving family, great parents, sisters, cousins, aunts & uncles… If I could wish for anything, it would be for someone else in the world that is hungry or cold, to NOT have to feel those pains… (And just for comical note) oh, and of course, I’d like a new iPad.

@kyleplacy (Kyle P Lacy) That’s a hard question — for everyone without a close family to find something to share with another during the season.

@CpollittIU (Chad Pollitt) My holiday wish is a full day away from the computer and w/ my beautiful 14 mo. old twin daughters!

@PaulPoteet (Paul Poteet) I would like to clone myself and Tom Davis wants a Super Mario Galaxy 2.

@saraelysecroft (Sara Croft) My Christmas wish is to spread positive thoughts amongst my twitter followers, one tweet at a time;] and to meet more followers in person!

@LindseyUHS (Lindsey Richardt) The only material thing I asked for Christmas was skiing gear. So I’m wishing for snowy weekends in January.

@mcmullen_greg (Greg McMullen) In all honesty the only wish that I have right now is for my brother’s surgery to go well. We never got along as kids but I don’t know what I would do if I wasn’t able to go hiking or toss the football with him anymore…

@edeckers (Eric Deckers) My holiday wish is for a week’s vacation. As a business owner, I don’t take as many breaks as I’d like, so I would love to have a work-free week. But if we’re talking about material stuff, I would LOVE an iPad.

@ScLoHo (Scott Howard) This Christmas, remember to focus on Relationships & Giving, after all that’s what the original Christmas was all about!

@JohnAguiar (John Paul Aguiar) Continued growth to my blog and business and continued health in 2011. (John is a kidney transplant recipient. Here’s to continued good health!)

@IndyGoWife (Rhonda Wright) I wish for Christmas that ppl would realize we’re here to take care of one another & actually act on that.

@jeffstanger (Jeff Stanger) I’m wishing for my next book to sell millions of copies. Then I can stop raising money and start giving it away. As rewarding as nonprofit fundraising can be, it sure would be fun to be on the giving away side of things. Other than that, I could use a date for New Year’s. But, life’s good and I feel very blessed.

@cjtheisen (Chris Theisen) My wish is for any one of the awesome cars I get to see every day while at work. The good part of my job is getting to see and even drive brand new cars. The bad part of my job is getting to see and drive brand new cars without being able to afford one. On a less selfish level I wish every family would realize family is one of the few constants in life so they should stop bickering. The holiday times are a good excuse for everyone to make up.

@SAIndiana (Deborah Simon) What is my Christmas wish? My wishes aren’t defined by seasons. They don’t peak at one time of year or another. My wishes are these: that my five children will love God and others, that the people around us will see and feel that love, and that each one of us will find that special someone to share in that love. This Christmas, that last part has come true for me! Merry Christmas all!

@AmBusCtrs101 (Jessica Berry) …My Christmas wish is for everyone to say Thank You to your neighbors, co-workers, friends and family. We all seem to dwell on the negatives in life and we rarely take the advantage to say Thank You for a small kindness or gesture that someone offers us. This Christmas take the time to show the people around you that you care and you appreciate what they do for you. Have a Merry Christmas!

@naptownbuzz (Brian Groce) My Christmas wish is for a healthy & prosperous 2011.

@bethannbud (Bethann Buddenbaum) My wish = A little something in gray for everyone. Our belief that issues are black & white has caused great suffering.

@kmullett (Kevin Mullett) I’m dreaming for appreciation by those who have, and hope for those who have not. For discernment between wants and needs.

@JonBausman (Jon Bausman) It’s the same every year. A White Christmas spent around the tree with my family. That’s all I need.

@WestCoastTacos (Jon Ban) Our Christmas Wish is for everyone to have a Safe Christmas & to Enjoy time with Family & Friends, because that is what really matters.

@chuckgose (Chuck Gose) I think it’s great that people wish for peace on Earth and all those things. That free up my wish. And no, it’s not a Steve Martin type wish either. In fact, I’ve had the same wish since 1985. Every year since I was 10, I have asked for the original Optimus Prime (Transformer). And every year, I never get it. I wasn’t even a big Transformers fan (GI Joe all the way) but I still wanted Optimus Prime. If Santa is trying to make some point with it, I gotta give the big fella credit – he’s consistent.

@MyCarDoc (John Cannon) Christmas wishes: Healthy Car Doc family, expanding MCD, a bit more time w/family. I’m good. Material stuff not to me really.

@kitkieser (Katrina Kieser) As cliche as it may sound, I genuinely wish for individuals and their families who “have” to focus on the spirit of the holiday. To love one another, to be respectful of one another, to be decent to one another and to treat those who “have not” or appear to “have not” with the same love, respect and decency. I hope for myself, my family, and anyone partaking in the celebration to be acutely aware of and thankful for what we do have, however little it may seem at times, and to pay it forward to the best of our ability, whatever that may involve.

@randyclarktko (Randy Clark) As a part of the editorial staff I’d like to share what I’m dreaming of… I’m dreaming of a white Christmas just like the ones I used to know… It looks as though I will get my wish for a white Christmas. I am a total pro-snow maniac. I love snow, but especially this year

I’ll be home for Christmas — you can count on me… Both my girls and all four grandchildren are visiting. Abigail, Madelyn and Mason are coming from Florida, and Evan from near Yorkshire, England.

Oh the weather outside is frightful But the fire is so delightful… all the grandchildren want snow and both moms want the fire going. Mason and Madelyn have never seen snow. How fun will that be?!


Last year, we invited our friends on twitter to share their Holiday Wishes for 2010. We invite you to share, again, this year. What are your wishes and what wishes have changed? What wishes have come true? Feel free to comment with additional holiday wishes, and thank you all for sharing.

Holiday Wishes 

Allison Carter, @AllisonLcarter — Wishing my brother a safe deployment in Turkey with the US Air Guard. He leaves just after Christmas, so we’ll be celebrating early so he can report on time.

Amber Recker, @amrecker — My wish: To look life in the face and know it; to love it for what it is (good or bad), always. Okay, and I could use a new handbag :), but I could go without.

Robby Slaughter, @Robbyslaughter — My holiday wish is that we all appreciate what we have. It’s an amazing world, a tremendous life, and a daily opportunity to be good to each other.

Don Kincaid, @Donkincaid — To always remember to listen and understand others’ needs — also to treasure time with family and friends.

Erin Couch, @ErinCouch — My holiday wishes: 1) Having my Purdue Boilermakers reach (at least) the Sweet Sixteen in 2012. 2) The world ending (if it actually happens) before my 10 year high school reunion. 3) More local business and music support in the greater Indianapolis area… Indy rocks, let’s share this notion with our neighbors! 4) A pony. 5) That all of my friends, family and colleagues have a safe, prosperous and incredible 2012.

Chad H. Pollitt, @CpollittIU — For this year Randy I wish that all of the purveyors of voodoo Internet marketing would fall mute, close up their blogs and quit making our jobs harder…

Scott Howard, @ScLoHo — For this Christmas and the year ahead, my wish is for all of us to find the common threads we can agree on, instead of the areas of disagreement that many are prone to venture towards. Oh, I can I get an iPad2 in my stocking, Santa?

Sara Croft, @saraelysecroft — I wish for peace, love, bacon and beer for all!

Chris Theisen, @cjtheisen — All I wish for is for everyone to donate at least one afternoon to a charity cause. Donating money helps but donating your time will change your perspective. If everyone does this it will help the worlds perspective. Oh and an iPad2 please.

Brian Groce, @briangroce — As usual, I’m hoping for a healthy & prosperous new year and am looking forward to seeing what the 2012 chapter has in store for us all. Live, laugh, love and be thankful for what you have and don’t dwell upon what you don’t.

Pamela Riley, @pamelareilly1 — My genuine wish is that everyone would be at peace with who they are, what they have and where they are in life. A lack of personal peace leads to conflict with others and breeds misery. I also wish for physical, emotional and spiritual healing for all. (Even though it would put me out of a job. LOL) And… of course… an iPad and a Ducati Diavel.

Paul Poteet, @PaulPoteet — It’s my 30th Christmas with Mrs. Poteet.  I wish for 30 years more. I wish my son Nolan wouldn’t stay up so late gaming. I wish for continued good grades for my son Graham who is studying molecular biology. He wants to work on the Human Genome Project. I’m looking forward to him supporting me once I retire… which by the way will open up about 27 Media jobs.

Jen Booth, @jlbooth — Holiday wish: I hope that this Christmas brings happiness and joy to my loved ones. I’ll be closer to them starting in January and that can only be a good thing.   I hope that my transition of moving and changing where I work goes smoothly. I also wish for health and success, the best health that I can have in 2012.

Greg McMullen, @McMullen_Greg — Last year my brother had surgery to fix his foot. This year my dad is having a knee replacement the week before Christmas. I’m not sure why our family has these situations but my hope is the same. Full and fast recovery so my dad can get back to living his life before all the pain.

Jake Anderson, @andersonjake — Tough question — I have a lot of goals I’d like to accomplish this December… But my Christmas wish has to be spending time with my family and giving my three-year-old daughter the best Christmas possible.

Lindsey Richardt, @LindseyUHS — In all seriousness, I want a remote car starter because I’m garage-less. In the spirit of Christmas, my wish is to spend Christmas day with my whole family together enjoying several bottles of wine and playing silly games.

Rocky Walls, @Rockywalls — My Christmas wish is to spend every moment possible with my wife and boys, enjoying the food and fellowship of the season.

Kit Wessendorf, @KitWessendorf — The only wish I have for Christmas is (honest to God) full time work. Short of that. To be with my family.

  1.  Fischer, @Mar_E_— For Christmas this year I want to have my picture taken in a helmet and flack jacket then I can put it in the twitter and officially look like the world traveling journalist that I am clearly not. As for anything else, I really just hope my Wesley’s have an exciting and restful time. Quietude for the big one, continued enthusiasm thru young eyes for the little one.

John Paul Aguiar, @JohnAguiar — Wishing 2012 brings me continued health, and growth to my business. Also hope to continue to connect with great people on Twitter.

Shari Simpson, @dustyearthmom — My holiday wish is for healthy and safety and joy for my family and dear friends.

Dereck Vogler, @dereckvogler — My wish is to enjoy a happy and health holiday season with my family. And wish the same for everyone.

Joseph J. Noorthoek, III, @lawnboygreen — To again know the names of close neighbors and a desire to be involved in their everyday life and the ability to look a stranger in the eye again and communicate hope. For decision makers to stop approaching our cities as a product and more like a home. For friends to once again be authentic with each other. I wish for the re-emergence of neighborhood block parties. For an increased effort to help carry each other’s load. My wish is for the rebirth of community.

Randy Clark, @randyclarktko — Once again, I’ll spend time with my wife, daughters, and grandchildren. I’m blessed with an understanding wife, overachieving children, and beautiful grandchildren. The only thing I wish for are many more happy holidays. It couldn’t get much better. Happy Holidays from all of us at TKO Graphix!


For the past two years, we’ve asked our friends to share their holiday wishes. Our third edition of holiday wishes includes some who’ve contributed for all three years, as well as new contributors. It’s fun to look back at our 2010 Holiday Wishes and 2011 Holiday Wishes — some of the wishes are similar, others have come true, and still others have yet to be realized. In case you wondered, they’re presented in the order they arrived. We hope you enjoy these funny, fearless, and heartfelt wishes. Please add your holiday wishes to the comments. We want to hear from all of you! Happy Holidays!

Ashley Motia – My holiday wish for 2012 is the strengthening of community. Whatever sense of that word fits for you, strengthen it with deep, genuine, loving ties that uplift its members and inspire them to be the best that they can be. I would also like a puppy and a shrubbery.

Allison Carter – My Christmas wish is that we take one day to step away from this wonderful social media that keeps us so connected to one another and appreciate what’s right in front of our noses.

And a pony. I’d really, really like a pony.

Chris Theisen – I wish for our newborn daughter to come home from the hospital as quick and healthy as possible.

Amber Recker – This holiday season, I’m focusing on forgiveness — both seeking it and giving it. Coming out of an emotionally draining year, I am more aware now than ever before of the healing powers of forgiveness. While it may be easy for some to give it and seek it, it has been a struggle for me and one that I most desperately want to overcome. Those I love deserve more from me and if I can make their Christmas a little brighter by overcoming my own demons, that will be well worth the struggle.

Kelly Campbell – My wish is that social media be used for the greater good and for those who don’t have positive influences or people who love them in their lives that they may find those people and influences.

Big Kahuna – I wish people would let go of whatever is holding them back and Be Awesome. I think they would be a lot happier than worrying about the past.

Andy Hollandbeck – Joy that is shared is doubled; shared sorrow is halved. My holiday wish is to find someone to share my joys and sorrows with.

Robby Slaughter – My holiday wish is that we remember the spirit of the holidays—of giving and appreciation—every day of the year.

Brian Groce – To keep the trend going, my Christmas wish is for a healthy & prosperous 2013. And of course that the Mayans were wrong.

Dereck Vogler – I wish for a happy and healthy year for my family, and for blessing for those less fortunate.

Jarred Juet – My holiday wish is for everyone to have the time to make a donation to their local church, mosque, synagogue, or charitable organization to help those in need. It’s important to give to organizations that have the reach and logistics to help those less fortunate than us this holiday season. If you have time to tweet, you have time to give.

Tom Spalding – My kid’s continued health!

Mel McMahon – I wish the feelings and kindness of the giving season lasted all year long–not just at Christmas.

Jeff Stanger – My Christmas wishes: Indy gets awarded another Super Bowl. IU wins the NCAA Tourney. Hoosiers give generously in 2013.

Emily Myers – To be able to spend more quality time with my family–giving them my full attention. Calming my oldest daughter’s anxiety. For my husband to find a new, fulfilling career. To be able to take my family to NV to visit my dad this year. Personally, train injury-free and Run/PR at the Indianapolis Mini Marathon in May. Successfully do one unassisted pull up by end of 2013.

Scott Howard – My wish is for deeper daily relationships in families worldwide in reflection of Sandy Hook.

Chad Pollitt – This year I don’t want 2 wish anything for myself — Instead I hope that the world’s blog lurkers will discover the personal joy of blogging.

Sara Croft – My holiday wish this year is to stop putting off my dreams, even the wildest ones. Time passes by too fast, and the last thing I want is to regret not doing something that I truly love. Stopping to remind myself, even at the craziest moments in life, through a large exhale or a journal entry, will keep me grounded and focused. That, and rolling up my sleeves to peek at my tattoos that will ALWAYS remind me of who I am and where I want to be

Rocky Walls – That we all would find a way to slow time down a little over the next few weeks: turn off the TV and play a board game; put down the smartphone and ask someone some random questions; stay at the dinner table for an extra 30 minutes and enjoy the company of family and friends. Life is short folks. Let’s make the most of the moments.

Chuck Gose – I already got my wish with the Butler Bulldogs beating the large public university located in Bloomington, IN.

Jen Booth – My Christmas wish is that I continue to add wonderful, inspiring people to my life and have amazing health. I hope I’m able to learn something new and meet someone new everyday, travel and experience more of the world, and that next year can be even more incredible than this one. But if I’m only allowed one wish, I wish for world peace.

John Paul Aguiar – For me, this year I hope for continued health for me and my family and finding more time to spend with family, nephews and friends.

Lindsey Richardt – Hmmm… I’ll probably ask my mom to buy me some pans. And a chair. And a bookshelf. Can you tell I just moved into my own place?

Leah Beatty – Dear Universe, I’ve been really, really good this year. Okay, I lost my cool a few times but I lived 2012 with little regret. I promise to be even better next year!

Holiday Wishes
1. Feel as hopeful at the end of next year as I do this year
2. Watch seeds diligently planted grow into something more beautiful than I can imagine
3. Love bigger, inspire more, be inspired more
4. Meet Living Legend Britney Spears (I’ve been really good this year! I DESERVE THIS!)

Joan Beatty – I can’t think of a better thing than all these girls getting along when we are together. And taking the hurt out of some of the people I know, I know it’s a big wish — then a job for me.

Jeremy Zucker – Two things: One, that everyone appreciate and cherish time with their loved ones. Two: Go see some live music. It restores your soul.

Kit Wessendorf – It’s been a bountiful harvest for this year. My family is healthy and happy, and I am blessed for it. I have had more success and opportunity to innovate than I can stay on top of. In short, I have nothing to want for my Christmas. I will hope for peace for all of us, but my wish is to understand how I can help bring that about. Without the strength of others I am quite small, and I recognize this. I want to lift others up as they have lifted me, and I want them to know they’ve done this not only for me but with me. With all of my success, then, how can I find balance, and serve others so that they may grow as I have? So, I will wish for my answer, and patiently seek it out.

Erin Couch – I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, one in which I can watch my three dogs happily prance in. I wish for Purdue not to embarrass themselves too terribly when we play IU this year in men’s basketball. But most of all, I wish for everyone to be able to spend their holiday’s with those that they love the most.

Kit Kieser – Love. No, seriously. Love. Not the kind of love that you express flippantly about the latest gadget. Not the greeting card version and not the trained-to-be-automatic, “I love you” that rolls off your tongue at the end of a phone call. What I mean is the people, the moments, the experiences that inspire you to take note of the warmth and comfort that they bring. The kind of love that inspires a weekly dinner date, around which your schedule revolves, with your closest friend. The kind of love that compels you to hold on tighter rather than run away when life sucks. Nonjudgmental love that gives you freedom to be who you are, the strength to be the best version of yourself, and the support when you’re not. Everyone deserves the kind of love that makes their heart swell and brings peace to their being. I wish that for everyone all year long. But, for the holiday, I’d really love a winning lottery ticket.

Beth Buddenbaum – I am going to be completely self-indulgent, but my Xmas wish is to find a way to get back my joys — spending lots of time with family & friends, finding more work that inspires me and allows me to leave things better than I found them, adding music and laughter back into my life, and recommitting myself to, “Believe impossible things.”

Kevin Mullett – I am dreaming of less materialistic wants and more substantial connections.

Randy Clark – I’m spending a quiet Christmas with my wife, father, sister, and a few other family members. This will be dad’s 83rd Christmas, and he wants the kids at his place Christmas Eve. He even told my sister the menu he wanted – chicken and noodles with mashed potatoes. My wish is for my father to have the best Christmas possible.


It doesn’t seem possible that this is the fourth edition of our Holiday wishes blog, but it is. I enjoyed reading the previous wishes, and I recommend you take the time to do the same, Holiday Wishes 2010Holiday Wishes 2011, and Holiday Wishes 2012.

Your Holiday Wishes

I reached out to a few of our friends to inquire if their dreams had come true, and for most they had. We’re blessed with funny, smart, and helpful friends who share their needs, wants, hearts, smarts, humor, and hopes in these wishes. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do and if you’d like to share your wishes, please feel free to leave your wish in comments.

Chris Theisen –  I am thankful that my 2012 wish came true, albeit after a long delay. For this year I wish that everyone is able to spend time with their families during the holiday season, and for Santa to bring me an Xbox One because they are amazing and so am I so I deserve one. I might even let the kids play with it if they are nice.

Rocky Walls – My wish for 2013 is simple: that we would all be a little more thankful for what we have. I’ve been blessed with a beautiful, sweet wife and two sons and have spent more time away from them traveling this year than all the years previously. That’s made me realize just how blessed I am to even sit down and have dinner with them.

Amber Recker – I did well. This year I wish for boots. Just boots

Ronnie Roessler For Purdue to beat IU at Purdue February 15th, 2014.

Dr. Pamela Reilly – My genuine wish is that everyone would be at peace with who they are, what they have and where they are in life, combined with never feeling the need or desire to judge others. A lack of personal peace leads to conflict with others and breeds misery. I also wish for physical, emotional and spiritual healing for all. And… of course a combo laptop/tablet and my personal version of a pony, a Ducati Diavel.

Greg McMullen – Continued support from friends and family on our next adventure and continuing to support our friends and family on theirs.

Leilan McNally – My holiday wish is to see people chill out a little and enjoy life. Basically, stop and smell the roses before life passes you by.

Tina Magyar – Peace and harmony for my girls, and soon to be ex-husband, as we go through the challenge and difficulty of a divorce.

Leah Beatty – My holiday wish for 2014 is to radiate love every day for the entire year. I want to focus (even more) on sending out what I want to receive from the universe. Oh, and I still plan on meeting Living Legend Britney Spears!

Andy Hollandbeck – Since just wishing “to find someone to share my joys and sorrows with” (last year’s wish) didn’t seem to do the trick, this year I’m going to wish for the confidence to, y’know, actually ask out one of the wonderful women I interact with every day. Or maybe I should just wish for world peace.

Jake Anderson  – I’m going to be honest (which isn’t exactly my personal brand… haha), the holidays usually bum me out. It’s not the season itself. I’m always happy to put on some Johnny Mathis and decorate the tree.  It’s the stress that goes along with all of the obligations. I grew up having 4-6 holiday events every year. We are invited to (including company parties) 8 functions in a 2 week time span, And my daughter has just as many more with her mom and step-dad. Not exactly appealing to the introvert in me. So, that being said, my wish is that my wife, my daughter, and I are able to find time to relax and celebrate this wonderful season together for the right reasons. I want to make time for charity. I want to not be a big Grinch and stress out those around me. My wish is for peace in our lives so that we can truly celebrate and appreciate what this time of year is all about. Merry Christmas!

Kris Branch – My wish is for people to set aside their petty grievances with one another and be kind to each other. We need to enjoy our limited time on this rock.

Lindsey Richardt– I want a new couch!

Christine Darling – For everyone to respect life and end the violence.

Eric Benge New quality television programming! If the networks could even bring back some of my favorite TV shows like 24 and Alias, I would be overjoyed! Also, a new Xbox One to complement my Christmas present to myself this year- a new home theater setup. On a more sentimental note- I wish for more quality time with friends, meeting new friends, and discovering new activities that excite me. I’m probably in the minority here, but I would also like lots of snowy days and nights spent snuggling with my child (of the canine variety).

Robby Slaughter My holiday wish is that we work every day to believe the best about each other.

Chad Pollitt The past 12 months has most certainly been THE year of content marketing. Many marketers are waking up to find that they’ve spent a lot of time and money creating tons of good content and it’s barely been viewed by anyone. Unfortunately, they likely believe they either need to create more or up its quality. What they really need is a paid and/or earned media strategy. I hope and wish that 2014 will be the year of content distribution and promotion.

Chris Hurley – Take the time to cherish the people in your life.

 John Kaufeld  Toss a ball, take a walk, play a board game, explore the library, or volunteer for a community org. Together. Undistracted. With both earbuds out.
Do it once, then do it again. Then again. Repeat until, well, forever. My wish is that dads and moms and kids and friends discover that spending time together without any screens is the starter dough for baking wonderful memories.

Emily Myers My goals for 2014 include working smarter not harder, I definitely need to work less and have more fun this year. I need to be careful not to turn my race calendar into a chore—and truly enjoy every adventure I set out on. I intend to FULLY enjoy my race in Miami to Key West this year.

Bethann Buddenbaum  I’m doing a Groundhog Day Xmas because, if you can’t get it right this year, then doggone, you need to keep on trying. (And here’s hoping that it takes me less time to get this right than Bill Murray.)… My Xmas wish is to find a way to get back my joys — spending lots of time with family & friends, finding work that inspires me and allows me to leave things better than I found them, adding music and laughter back into my life, and re-committing myself to, “Believe impossible things.”

Nancy Jarial My wish is that we would open our eyes and see who is around us every day. Taking the focus from ourselves and turning it to others. When we focus on those around us, we can see the friend in need, the parent that needs a break, the elderly needing help up the stairs, or the stranger that just needs a smile and a kind word. Focus on others and serve them, no matter how great or small, to the best of our abilities.

Jen Booth This Christmas, I wish for another year of amazing health and love from the wonderful people in my life. I hope to be the best person I can be to myself and others. I also hope for peace on earth.

Amy Stark My Christmas wish is to do the most good for the most people.

Kristi Came  This Christmas I wish more than anything (except for peace on Earth, happiness, and joy to everyone I know) for Purdue to return to the NCAA tournament in March.

Jarred Juett  Don’t forget to give or volunteer this season and help those in need. I said it this year and I’ll say it again: If you have time to tweet, you have time to give.

Aaron Brown My Christmas wish is that all people, regardless of age, sex, race, embrace their role as world changers. There are so many hurting and lost in our communities and my hope is that we, as people, will step up and do our part.

Jeff Stanger I want a remarkable 2014. By that, I mean I want to pursue things that are remarkable, inspire others to do things that are remarkable, and seek out people who are doing remarkable things. We only get one ride on this rock. Make it a good one. Make it remarkable.

John Aguiar  My wish is for continued health for me and my family. Expanding my business and at the same time, finding more time for myself and for family and friends.

Randy Clark – Recently my wife looked at me and said, “Our life has surpassed anything we could have wished for.” I have to agree with her. We are fortunate, and my Christmas wish is for our continued good fortune. My mother, father, siblings, children, grandchildren, and wife are all healthy and safe with nothing more than first world problems to face—what could be better?

What are your Holiday Wishes this season? Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and yours from all of us.


The last five years have gone by quickly. Is it possible this is the fifth edition of our Holiday wishes blog? It is, and here’s the proof Holiday Wishes 2010Holiday Wishes 2011Holiday Wishes 2012, and Holiday Wishes IV (they’re fun to revisit especially if you participated.)

This year we posted a call to action for wishes on social media and had a great response. Thirty friends shared their wishes; some are funny and others are heartfelt, but all are genuine. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do and if you’d like to share your wishes, please feel free to leave your wish in comments. Happy Holidays!

Chad Pollitt – I’m going to be extremely selfish this year. Since refrigerators, thermostats, light bulbs, smoke detectors and televisions are all connected to the Internet, why not my couch? I hope my couch gets connected to the web next year.

Chris Theisen – I wish that the world starts to focus on the good things going on in it instead of all the bad.

Kris Branch – This year my wish is for everyone to share their blessings. Whether it be a charitable gift, helping people in need or just lifting someone emotionally who could use a boost. Selfless acts with no expectation of a return. None, other than the joy of giving.

Lindsey Richardt – I got a couch… I wouldn’t call it new   this year I’m looking for an affordable, yet awesome downtown apartment. And a vacuum.

Greg McMullen – Continued good health for our daughter. Love and support for my father-in-law who moved to Tacoma, WA for a new job. And safe travels to all, this holiday season.

Jarred Juett – I wish for more warm beds and hot meals for those in need this holiday season. Set aside an hour or two this month to serve soup at a shelter or volunteer at a food bank. You’ll be glad you did.

Kristi Came – My wish this year, as it is every year, is that Purdue athletics doesn’t disappoint me too much and also that my puppy magically learns to pick up all of her many toys in the middle of the floor that I keep tripping over.

Andy Hollandbeck – I wish that all people (but mostly just me) can find meaning and purpose in their lives.

Rocky Walls – We just want our new baby boy home for the holidays!

Robby Slaughter – My wish for this holiday is that we learn to transform wishes into plans, and plans into actions.

Leah Beatty – My holiday wish is to focus on having more fun in the new year. I worked a lot in 2014, and look forward to finding more balance in 2015. By the way, my plan to meet Living Legend Britney Spears in 2014 ALMOST came true, and I have the pics to prove it!

Jeff Stanger – My holiday wishes for Indianapolis: A statue or monument to Negro League Baseball great and Indy native, Oscar Charleston. It’s well past time. A made for TV movie about the life of Big Kahuna. Fewer murders. More people doing #Read26Indy.  And one bonus wish for myself: A best-selling novel!

Leilan McNally – My hope for 2015 is to see people be as concerned with their own lives as much as they are about everyone else. We have become a society of people who can’t seem to be happy unless we publicly bring people down. If we took all that time and effort then invested it in our own lives, we’d have a much more positive community. We’re not perfect. We need to work on being better people.  And… My wish is for my wife to understand my love of #TacoTuesday and show me how to make tacos on Tuesday for dinner.

Terry Reilly – Simple. Peace and goodwill toward everyone

Allison Carter – I wish that we all might remember that every screen name represents a real person and that every story we read about is a sliver of a true life. Then, perhaps, we can all be a bit more compassionate toward one another.

Jennifer Riley Simone – For my life to continue on the trajectory it’s on.

Keith Marshall – My wish for everyone as always is nothing less than what I would wish for myself – letting go of my egocentric ways, giving more of myself to others who need it most and finding happiness and joy in my heart. Peace, love and compassion to all this coming year and the years to come!

Kit Wessendorf – To make the world accessible, as William Gibson said, “The future is already here it’s just not evenly distributed.”

Laura Neidig – I would like everyone to be kind. No matter what other attitude, emotion or situation is happening, include kindness. What do I mean? Think good of others. Give other the benefit of the doubt. Take the soft approach. Realize you do not walk in their shoes. If you don’t have a cross to bear, help others bear theirs. It doesn’t mean being a doormat, or selfless – it just means taking a moment to think of someone besides yourself.

Ed Peelman – I wish to hang out with my pacesetter comrades this holiday season, maybe I want to reminisce. I think I grew up the most and developed the strongest friendships from my time with Randy and company, all I want for Christmas is a single malt scotch, a fine cigar and the company of old friends… We’ll at my house Santa likes scotch and cigars not cookies and Milk. Lol

Don Kincaid – My wish is for me to share more with all and remember to first understand, and then be understood.

Dr. Pamela Reilly – That judgment and hatred will die and be replaced by love.

Joan Beatty – My wish is for healthy girls, enjoy my new home, and rekindle quality time with friends and enjoy a good blendy!!! Merry Christmas Randy Clarktko you are a rock star !!

Amy Stark – My wish is that I find a way to make a living wage doing what I do best > foster the growth of Bridging Social Capital connections by acting as a bridge between disparate groups.

Tracey O’Malley – My wish is that politicians would do what they’re paid to do. Sort out the problems of the people and not manufacture junk distractions.

Mandi Welch – My wish is for nap time during the work week like if we were still in kindergarten!

Stephanie Taffy Stevens – My wish is for compassion, patience and tolerance of those with Alzheimer’s. It is such a sad and complex disease, and heartbreaking to watch the decline and suffering of those inflicted.

 John Kaufeld – That dads and kids will laugh more, yell less, and connect better this year. Bring on the board games!

Hazel Walker – I wish the people would have this implanted in their subconscious “do not do to others what you would not want to have done to you” that would make the best Christmas ever.

Deena Fife – My wish is for all to grasp life with a whole heart and live life to the fullest! Give love without hesitation, use your words wisely, cherish times of health and pray for those that struggle! Smile when passing someone or say a quick hello! The spirit of Christmas should last a lifetime, not one month a year!

David Lemmons – My wish is to be a better person, have my business thrive to take care of my family. To have more compassion for mankind, and take a more active role to end Alzheimer’s.

Randy Clarktko – My wish is for the continued good health of my friends and family. I recently lost two old friends and the only good that comes from such events is the realization that our time here is fleeting. Every moment should be enjoyed, embraced, and appreciated. Merry Christmas to all y’all!


I began posting holiday wishes, in 2010. Time has certainly flown by. In a couple of weeks, it will be 2016. How did that happen? Through the years my friends and co-workers have never disappointed me with their wishes. Some are sincere, and others are funny. Some are for personal needs still more wish the best for others. They have one thing in common—they’re from the heart. I hope you enjoy the wishes as much as I do. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays—Randy.

Holiday Wishes

Tom Spalding – I wish that Emme Theisen could go an entire year without having to spend another night in a hospital bed.

Tracey O’Malley –  Our wish is for everyone to be as blessed as we are. But to share good news, Faith, our daughter, won one of 30 #expediasendmehome prizes, she’ll be here for Christmas! It’s a twitter and Instagram contest, still ongoing, they pick one winner a day, she won on Tom’s birthday. We will have a full house this year.

Jarred Juett – This year more than ever, I wish tolerance, respect, and peace for all people. It’s woefully apparent that our world is hurting; it’s on the fortunate among us to educate ourselves on the problems at hand, do the research, and make intelligent and informed decisions to provide help to those in need and come together in understanding to make this life a little brighter for everyone. Happy Holidays!

Greg McMullen  – Wow, I didn’t realize this will be #6. Gosh, since 2010, I’ve moved (at least) 3 times, had 4 different jobs, got married, bought a house, had a baby, remodeled a bathroom, bought new appliances, and started grad school. Didn’t someone say that life gets easier as you get older? Approaching 30 and I don’t even know how it’s possible. Thank you for allowing me to continue being a part of Indy Friend Up from the Cincinnati branch and for including me on this over the last 6 years. You’re a great person Randy and I’m happy to have gotten to know you.

Erin Couch – Here you go! As Randy informed me, my first Christmas wish was posted back in 2011 – my how time flies. After a brief search, I found that “groundbreaking” post. Some things remain the same. I do wish my Boilermakers make it to the Sweet Sixteen (why not shoot for the moon and wish for a final four appearance?), I do wish more people would embrace their local small business, but even more, I wish we could, as a collective society, find common ground. Rather than reveling in disagreement, we celebrate progress. Rather than shouting insults, we preach praise. A little wishy washy, but why not?  I also wish that 2016 will treat some of my favorite people on this planet a little kinder. It sure was a rough one for a lot of us. Here’s to the New Year!

Mel McMahon  – I can’t believe it has been six years already! This year my husband and I are thankful for all the newness of 2015. We’re thankful for our new baby, our new business, and our new appreciation for having each other to tackle it all!

Andy Hollandbeck – I wish that this year will be better than the last, and that I will finally overcome my compulsion to quote Counting Crows lyrics.

John Paul Aguiar – I love this list Randy puts together, and I’m happy to say I have been around from the beginning. I want to share a story before I jump to what I’m grateful for. I was in Kmart the other day standing in line. There was a woman in front of me angry and complaining about a $5 coupon. She was flipping out and being super rude to the kid working. They called the manager and she was even more upset. Twenty minutes into her rant the manager finally said you are right; I will give you the $5 off. Yet the woman continued to complain even though she got what she wanted—she couldn’t stop herself from being miserable. The manager continued to tell her she was right—she would get the coupon offer she wanted. Once again, this wasn’t good enough for her, she continued to complain. This was 3 days after Thanksgiving. I know $5 savings is a lot for some people, but to act like this over something so petty and act like this after you get what you wanted in the first place is ridiculous. So for me… I am grateful that:

  • I was raised by great parents that taught me respect.
  • I am grateful that in my life $5 would not be something that I would get mad over.
  • I am grateful for what I have.
  • I am grateful that I see past the holiday and see the value of Thanksgiving and Christmas year round.
  • I am grateful I haven’t let myself be commercialized and lost the meaning of the holidays.

And as always, I am grateful for my health, my family, my business success and friendships on and offline.

Scott Howard – My wish for each of you is peace, not the world peace that beauty contestants always wish for, but an inner peace. The year ahead will be filled with plenty of surprises and predictable events too, but it is up to each of us to figure out how to have inner peace and pass that on to others who are also facing the challenges of life. I also want a puppy, NOT!

Rocky Walls  – This year, everything is awesome. My wish is that everyone would experience the delightful serenity of floating a big, fluffy, homemade marshmallow in their hot cocoa. Send me a tweet if you want my recipe.

Chad Pollitt – This year’s Christmas wish is going to be 100% selfish and for me only. You see, years ago in my jovial youth, I thought it would be a good idea to have Dr. Huxtable himself enshrined in ink on my entire back while eating a Jell-O pudding pop. At the time it was funny and some even thought it was cool, but today it’s become a burden that’s really hard to lift every day given recent news of Cosby’s ways. I wish that my tattoo would disappear on Christmas morning. . .

Sara Croft – This year I wish for everyone across the globe to exercise outward happiness. Actively look for reasons to smile at people walking along the street, while stopped at a red light, or in line at the grocery store. Do this especially when you are having a bad day. Remember that everyone has bad days, and sometimes a simple smile or happy gesture can be enough to lift them (and yourself) away from whatever is bringing you down. Much of this can be done if we all eat more bacon, which is the ultimate gift of happiness.

Kristi Came  – I really, really, really wish that Purdue basketball will go to the Final Four and my dog won’t hate me when I pick her up after her two week stay at the kennel this Christmas. PS – Sorry I’m not sorry it hasn’t snowed much for you (yet) this year   Merry Christmas!

Mandi Welch – This year’s wish: To make an impact on everyone I meet – no matter how big or small. There are people I meet on a daily basis that I see make an impact on someone’s life, career, etc. and I just want to give back to those folks who spread such great kindness and positivity in the world!

Aaron Brown – My wish this Christmas is very simple. I wish to see more love in this world. I firmly believe that there is more love in the world than there is hate. Unfortunately, we as people are not good at demonstrating and promoting it. We let negativity and hate dominate the conversation to the point where we become consumed with it in every aspect of our life. At work, at home, online. It corrupts our mind, damages our soul and hardens our hearts. The world needs more love. Our communities need us to care. Our neighbors need our help. So, love people. Be kind. Serve others. I pray that the hearts of all people grow three sizes this Christmas and that 2016 is a year where love and kindness dominate our lives and the lives of everyone we know.

Allison Carter – My wish is that we recognize the similarities in each other, and celebrate instead of fear the differences. Happy holidays!

Amber Foster  – My wish for this year is health and happiness for all of my family and friends.

Leah Beatty  – My holiday wish for 2016 is to remember to unplug every once and awhile! The past year has been a flurry of activity (not complaining) and I hope to do a much better job at scheduling some downtime for myself in the year to come. I’m also looking forward to planning our wedding!

Dr. Pamela Reilly  – My wish for this year is that each person reading this would know and experience a deep, abiding peace in their heart, mind and spirit that it so abundant it overflows into and multiplies in the minds and hearts of everyone they meet.

Laura Neidig  Here’s a thought: I wish that more of us would be content with what we have, forgive more easily, and instead of being offended by other’s opposing views, learn from each other more. I also wish that we all appreciate our good health. If good health is something you are striving for, my wish for you is the discipline to get there. Nothing has driven this point home for me as much as my first few months working for the Riley Children’s Foundation. I run into a story about a new little hero every single day, and it makes me appreciate my own health even more.

Jen Booth  – With all the chaos the world seems like it’s in nowadays… I only see it fit to wish for peace, kindness towards others, and a dishwasher.

Lindsey Richardt – . I’m really hopeful everyone else likes my gifts! My favorite part is giving my family and friends items they love. But I did ask for new running shoes and cake decorating tools   Merry Christmas to everyone at TKO Graphix!!

Robby Slaughter – That we look to what people are doing and not so much where they have been.

Chris Theisen –  My wish is for the world to slow down a little bit and consider what is most important. When you find what is most important to you structure your life around those things and don’t put so much effort into the rest.

Jake Anderson – I tend to get super stressed around the holidays. My wish is to make time to relax and enjoy the company of my family. I also hope to set a good example of charity and goodwill for my daughter. Proving that there is more to Christmas than Santa and toys. And also maybe perfect my homemade eggnog recipe. Then put bourbon in it. Merry Christmas!

Jeff Stanger – You know how people roll their eyes when pageant contests say “world peace?” Get ready to roll your eyes. Yeah, I used to roll mine too. But this year has been brutal, both internationally and here in the US. From terrorism to campus protests to the vitriol on the campaign trail of both parties. There is a lot of anger out there. So, maybe this is me getting old, but I get it now. I won’t roll my eyes anymore when the Miss Congeniality says she wants world peace. This Christmas, I want world peace. And a Padres jersey.

Holiday Wishes VII – 2016

Scott Howard – Contentment for all. Once you learn this, the burdens of life are manageable. No matter where you are in your life, if you are able to read this, you are blessed. And a white mocha would be nice too.

Allison Carter – How can it be that time again? Well, I definitely didn’t get my wish last year, so I guess I better try again. Let’s quote St. Francis: Let us not so much seek to be consoled as to console, to be understood as to understand, to be loved as to love.

Pamela Reilly That peace would reign as people start allowing common sense to prevail over assumptive doom, and that assumptive journalism would cease to be the norm.

Kristi Came  My holiday wish this year is that after a rough 2016 my friends, family, and colleagues start 2017 with a fresh, positive outlook and have a happy and successful year. Also, that nothing major goes wrong between now and my wedding in May

Robert Nissenbaum – More eggnog… I want to see more people focus on quality content. I want to spend more time speaking to groups

Naptown Buzz   A Happy New Year!

Amber Powers World peace sounds a little over done, so my wish is that those people that are in my circle in any way shape or form, if they are struggling financially, spiritually or emotionally, that the right person reaches out to them and meets their need.

Jarred Juett Peace, reason, serenity, and compassion from all, for all in these unreasonable, uncertain, and tumultuous times. Love to you all, as much as I am able to give.

Derek Pillie – Peacefulness. Not peace, that’s a big ask, but that people find peacefulness in their dealings w/ each other.

Justine Pretorious  – Meeting more of my online friends in person would be my wish <3

Carol Stephen – Civility would be a good start for my Christmas wish.

Mandi Welch – Here is my wish: For everyone to have someone to lean on in 2017. 2016 was a rough year – I had a few kidney stones, 2 sinus surgeries, and started a new company in between. Though, including Randy, I had some great friends that were supportive through it all. So, looking back, this year hasn’t been so bad! I hope everyone has some good friends when they need them in the New Year!”

Andy Hollandbeck – In the coming year, I hope to find more time to write, to read, to read about writing, to write about reading, and to rewrite what I write about what I read about writing.

Lindsey Richardt  – I want a koala bear.

Robby Slaughter My holiday wish is for health and happiness for everyone, everywhere.

Joan Beatty  Wishes are like magic. I wish for like most people 2016 was rough…so I’m looking for all the pressure to make into a beautiful diamond ?… ringing in 2017 with health joy peace and friends like you!

Aaron Brown – My wish this Christmas is that we, as people, will stop making excuses and begin to pursue the lives we want and deserve. That we live each and every day with passion, joy and a spirit of service. We can make this world a better place if we choose to make it happen. Merry Christmas!”

Laura Neidig – Here is my wish: That we can all stop being afraid to be ourselves. We all have wonderful gifts to give each other but often put our defenses up because we are afraid of being authentic. And second? Always give kindness a fighting chance.

20Our first Holiday Wishes post was published in 2010, Your Ultimate Holiday Wish. We continued with Holiday Wishes 2011Holiday Wishes 2012Holiday Wishes IVHoliday Wishes V, Holiday Wishes VI, and Holiday Wishes VII.  Our 2017 compilation, Holiday Wishes VIII, is our eighth edition. Over the years we’ve collected and posted hundreds of wishes. Many are sincere, some are tongue-in-cheek, and others are, well, you should read for yourself. And don’t just read this newest installment of Holiday Wishes but dive back in time to wishes of days past. It’s a fun trip.  Enjoy.

Holiday Wishes 2017

Carol Stephen @Carol_Stephen – My Christmas wish for this year: To spend Christmas with my friends who are family. And thank you for doing this!

Lindsey Richardt‏ @LmRichardt  I’m asking for a lot of laughs and my mom’s boozy rum punch for Christmas!

Amber Powers – One of my dearest friends recently shared with me some starling statistics about suicide among the LGBTQ population and I can’t help but think that this could all be solved by one thing: LOVE. My wish this year is that if you’re in a situation where you feel loved conditionally or if you feel unloved, that you know that somewhere out there, there’s a family or an individual that wants to share their love unconditionally with you. Don’t give up the search. So my wish is that they hear that message and that they’re reminded of it often.

Allison Carter‏ @AllisonLCarter – Is it too glib to just wish for 2017 to be over?

Scott Howard @ScLoHo – Peace and Prosperity for all. All around me I have seen many folks who have lost their sense of peace, some due to circumstances in their own lives, others because of outside circumstances. Prosperity, not only in financial but all areas of your life as you move forward day by day in 2018.

Justine Pretorious @jpretorious – I wish to continue my journey of exploring healthy living and to share and   support others as I learn.

Keith Marshall – Gainful employment for those lost souls who are unsure what to do with their lives.

Amber Foster Bouthot @ambermfoster – My Christmas wish is for strength and peace.

John Kaufeld – I wish that parents spend 10, 20, or 30 minutes each day focused only on their children.

robbyslaughter‏ @robbyslaughter – My wish is for strength, and for vulnerability, for forgiveness and for steadfastness. For us to be the people we know we are capable of being.

Tracy O’Malley  – I had to think about this, my wish is for people to really think about the circumstances of those they judge, myself included. We all have preconceived notions not based in true fact but stereotypes.

Mandi Welch‏ @MandiWelchINDY  – This year my wish is for everyone to be healthy, happy, and feel safe and secure in 2018. I again had a rough year filled with illness and it has made me realize we cannot take good health for granted! Though through great friends and family I have felt happy, safe, and secure through all of my ups and downs. I hope that everyone has that support in the New Year!

Jarred Juett‏ @JarredJuett – My wish is for unity in a world more divisive than ever. Ground your feelings in the connectivity of our shared humanity and never lose sight of the progress we’ve made. There is plenty of work still to do, but let’s celebrate what we’ve got and plan for the future, together. Happy Holidays!

Nancy Jarial – Good health to all and more warm weather please!

Rocky Walls @RockyWalls –  This year my wish is this: that we all can be fully present with our friends and family, listening more than talking and loving more than judging. I hope we can give the gift of being someone who cares – it’s free and easy.

Tom Spalding @SpaldoBusiness – I wish the great health and non-sore backs to the fine folks who volunteer at St Vincent DePaul food pantry at 42nd and Boulevard, a Gleaners affiliate. The shelves need to be full for a reason – easing hunger.

Beth Staub @AdventureGlass – I wish we ALL could meet up in person for #digiblogchat!

Aaron M. Brown @AarBrown – My Christmas wish this year is that love, kindness and service will become the centerpiece of our lives. When it happens we will grow, lives will improve, communities will change, and the world will be a better place. We need random acts of kindness to become regular acts of kindness. Merry Christmas!

Greg McMullen @McMullen_Greg – Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Here’s a first, I lost who sent this! “My wish is to see what others wished for :)”

Holiday Wishes 2018!

Jen Booth — My Christmas wish is for improved health and wellness in my family, a safe Colorado snow season, and for more joy, kindness, and peace on earth.

Carol Stephen  – My holiday wish is that everyone who lost their home due to the Camp Fire will find a new home before Christmas!

Mandi Welch  – All I wish is for everyone to feel safe, warm, well, and cared for/about this holiday season. I also hope everyone else’s wishes come true too.

Erik Deckers  – I’d like to wish everyone a great holiday and a new year that brings joy to being curious, and an itch to gain new knowledge.

robbyslaughter  – That we forgive each other, that we forgive ourselves, and that we move forward with lessons learned.

Marie Lank  – Marie Lank – I’m wishing for us to have work coming in 2019 for Statesboro TKO.

Rocky Walls This year my wish is this: that we all can be fully present with our friends and family, listening more than talking and loving more than judging. I hope we can give the gift of being someone who cares – it’s free and easy.

Kristi Thacker My wish is simple this year – My wish for this holiday season is that everyone gets to spend a little bit of time doing something they love with the people they love. Enjoy the little moments in life – they are what make it special. Happy Holidays!

Mike Magan To make the “right” choice when faced with the thousands of decisions that will affect my health in 2019. I have certain physical and mental health goals I would like to achieve by the time I’m 50 in 2021. No surprise, 2019 will be a crucial year of new habit forming.

Monica Browne Reilly  Here is my Christmas wish, that we all look with fresh eyes and gentleness at each other. That we have love in our hearts, not simply tolerance for each other.

Pamela Reilly  I wish that everyone would experience perfect acceptance, more love, and no judgement.

John Paul Aguiar  — As I get older I find small things are making me happy. Small things have me appreciative, keep me happy. But mainly I am Thankful for my health, without that nothing else really matters. Secondly, there is my family, my friends…thankful that things in my life are getting better and I’m hitting most of the goals I have set for myself the past few years. Lastly, I am Thankful for being and staying  engaged and excited about growing my business. Something I have been doing for so long I’ve forgot what it’s like to have a normal 9 to 5. Passion is a beautiful thing…it keeps you working and grinding and reaching for more, for better.

jeffstanger – My wish is for people to slow down, turn off the noise and rhetoric that is dividing our nation and just learn to appreciate each other. I went to 3 funerals in 10 days just before Thanksgiving this year. To quote Collective Soul of all people, “This blessedness of life, sometimes brings me to my knees.” Let’s look for the everyday gifts that are all around us this Christmas.

Jarred Juett  “I wish everyone another year of thoughtful, peaceful reflection. We’re going to need a bunch of collective brain power to get our grand, experimental union back on track so we can focus once again on making our individual lives bright and meaningful. Here’s to a forward-thinking

Amber Powers – My wish for 2019 is for everyone to find their circle of people and that they choose their friendships wisely. My circle that surrounds me inspires me constantly. I look up to them and I look to them when I need  direction in my own life. Fill your life with people that you hope to be like. Know that you’re valuable and you’re worth the investment of love and time. Happiest of Holidays to each and every one of you.

Chris Theisen My wish is that cancer stops rearing its ugly head so often.

Avidmode (Gem) Wishing for snow, fun family times and great food. Also want to send best wishes to our #DigiBlogChat/Tweetchat friends!

Larry Mount  — My wish is to try and see family and friends and to make somebody else’s wish come true.

Holiday Wishes 2019

Lindsey Richardt @LmRichardt

Hi!!!! Merry Christmas to you! I don’t need much this Christmas, but I’d love more down time! It gets harder every year to squeeze in all of the holiday obligations. Oh, and I’ll always take a good bottle of wine.

Larry Mount @LazBlazter

This year it will be: To show that I appreciate my friends and loved ones and find time for all the things I keep putting off for another day. All the best.

Jarred Juett @JarredJuett

Thankful for the forces of good, light, and generosity in our world pushing us all to a happier, healthier future. It’s going to be a big year! Keep your heads up high, enjoy time with your loved ones this season, stay warm, and be generous! Happy holidays!

Carol Stephen @Carol_Stephen

My wish this year is for the planet. We need to turn around climate change quickly. Like a murmuration, we need to all change direction and move as one unit.

Scott Howard @ScLoHo

May you cherish the loved ones in your life with the gift of time and attention. That’s what we remember the most as the years go by. And I’m still waiting for that pony I asked Santa for 50 years ago

robbyslaughter @robbyslaughter

My wish for this holiday season is that we make the best choices for ourselves and make only one choice for others — acceptance.

Keith Marshall

Financial freedom where I’m always making more money than I spend, so I can volunteer my time helping others as best I can. Leaving the world better than when I came into it.

Beth Staub

I wish we could all just get along. Even if we disagree. Our political system is not a football game.

Stephanie Taffy Stevens

My Christmas wish is a bit unrealistic, but I wish all animals could be rescued.

Mary Warrick

My Christmas wish would be to find out, after 6 rounds of chemo, that I am in remission and stay that way for many years. And that all people who are suffering from cancer, get the same results. God bless them all!!!

Chris Theisen @cjtheisen

I wish: Everyone can spend time with their loved ones over the holidays. Everyone good health or speedy recoveries from whatever they are battling – Everyone to show more empathy towards others because we rarely know what they are dealing with – That I choose to join the right employer. I’ve got final interviews this week with 2 places and an offer from a 3rd. Hoping to get things tied up by early next week. Postscript: He got the job! Congratulations my friend.

A few weeks ago, I spent four days in Orlando with my youngest daughter, her husband, and her two children. It was the best four days of my year. I watched my 14-year-old granddaughter own the stage as the White Witch in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and my grandson compete in a county cross country meet. My oldest grandson brought his four-month-old son, my great grandson, over to meet me. And then my 23-year-old granddaughter informed me that her and her boyfriend planned to move to Indianapolis after they graduated next summer. There was more, but you get the idea. So, my wish is that we all are blessed with time to enjoy and appreciate our families. Merry Christmas!

Holiday Wishes 2020

Lindsey – My holiday wish is for the 3 H’s – health, happiness, and herd immunity. (The hospital where Lindsey works is full.)

Beth S. – My wish/goal this year is to be more open minded. To bark less.

Jarred – I wish everyone some peace after the storm, a long, happy, and healthy New Year, and the peace and patience to build the world into a more generous and prosperous place for every single person. It’s time to heal!

Robby – My wish for this holiday season is to your health.

Scott – My wish is that people will look for and focus on the areas of agreement instead of disagreement with others. And I still want world peace and a pony.

Finola – With Christmas almost here, songs like ‘O Holy Night’ and ‘Travelling home for Christmas’ by Chris Rea, evoke strong emotional responses in me; that link between music and memories always seems stronger this time of year. Seeing the people, I love on Christmas Day, their smiles, the anticipation for the day ahead and underlying excitement, is an experience felt by so many in all parts of the world – a day of togetherness that I’m going to cherish. My wish for 2021 is for a peaceful, kinder, and unified world, one with empathetic leadership.

Chris H – I wish for everyone to really think about the true meaning of Christmas. Value the people in your life and not focus on things. Appreciate the extra time you get with your loved one’s who you are able to be around and not focus on who you are unable to be with.

Carol –My wish is for kids all over the world to have enough to eat.

Taffy – My wish this year is that the virus will calm down, everyone stays healthy, and I can start seeing my family again. I have seen them once since March 13.

Mary – My wish is for the same thing pretty much, that all who are suffering from cancer are cured. I’m forever grateful and blessed by being cancer free (so far) and hope to stay that way, but it’s in God’s hands. Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hopefully 2021 will be better than 2020.

Bea – Wish I would not need to wear this mask.

John S – I wish everyone could feel, know, and most importantly share the same kind of love I feel and have for my family.

Keli – My wish is that we all try to dig deep and find our Holiday Joy. So easy to focus on all the things we can’t do right now due to COVID-19. I know I am struggling because I have had to cancel my annual Christmas Eve party that I have hosted for years with my family. I am not going to pout about it anymore. Instead, I am going to enjoy my time off with my husband and kids and be grateful that I can relax.

Amanda – My wish is for the holidays to be over quickly.

Andy – So much of this year, I feel like I’ve been squeezing my fists and holding my breath, and I know I’m not alone. My wish for this Christmas and for the coming year is that we will finally be able to release some of that persistent tension and find everyday joy and contentment again.

Mandi – This year’s wish from me is for everyone to find health and happiness in 2021. This last year has been so hard on so many … for so many reasons … and I just hope everyone can find true joy, peace, and a sense of normalcy in the coming year. And I also wish the baking banana bread fad would come back. I miss it.

Sam – My Christmas wish … for all to come together as a nation, White, Black, Hispanic, and others, Male, Female, Gay, Straight, Republican, Democrat, etc. For all of us to realize life is too short to live with hate and bitterness. We are all humans, and we all want the same thing. Life, liberty, and the relentless pursuit of happiness. I wish for the beginning of the healing for this nation. Together we stand … divided we fall.

Madilyn – Abolish monopolized capitalism.

Mason – For 2020 to be the greater evil 2021 to be less trash.

Evan – My wish is that I can be a good father to my son.  And I wish the Colts would win the super bowl!

Bethann – I wish for science, truth, and common sense to prevail. I wish for common ground, empathy, and understanding.

Jen – All I want for Christmas is my family to be healthy.

Julie Jo – All I want for Christmas is a fat bank account and a skinny waist. Same wish as last year but it got reversed somehow.

Jason – My two front teeth, literally!

Michael – World Peace and for humanity to act like they have a conscience.

Randy – I wish for all of us to be a little kinder to one another, to appreciate what we have not what we’re missing, and to help those in need. Merry Christmas!

Holiday Wishes 2021

Mandi – This is a great thing you do every year! I’m glad you are continuing the tradition. My wish this year would be that everyone stays safe and healthy in 2022 as we still navigate everything in response to COVID. I also hope that people adopt and don’t shop for pets this holiday season if that is something people are thinking about doing. Our shelters are packed, and it would be nice to give a home to a deserving shelter cat or dog!

Sandra C – Wishing for a White Christmas, it’s pretty bare around here!!

Maricar – I wish for enough. Enough calm to weather the storm. Enough money in my pocket to live by. Enough friends to keep me company. Enough gratitude to feel this life has been a good one.

Sam L — For things to get back to normal.

Michael S – My wish is for continued good health after a year of scares. And I truly wish that the shootings would end.

John S – Christmas wish would be a fast recovery and some peace for the tornado victims.

Amanda – My wish is for my children to live their most authentic life and be happy doing it.

Robby – My wish for this holiday season is that we all find a way to be curious, not judgmental.

Jarred – I wish everyone a peaceful New Year, filled with reflection, growth, passion, and a healthy focus on the self, as we all work together to keep the world moving forward in uncertain times. Happy Holidays!

Chris H – I wish for all our hard-working employees to be healthy and 2022 be there best year ever.

Carol – My wish is for everyone to reach out to someone who has suffered a loss during the holidays and do something to include them. A visit is fabulous, but a phone call or even a card can help someone who’s lonely.

Nicki – My wish is to continue to have the ability to share my passion for yoga around the world to continue to spread peace, mindfulness, and joy.

Finola – This year will be the first in 20 that I have a Christmas tree, which we’ll be decorating on 22nd when I get to Munich (Germany). The famous Christmas markets there have been dismantled because of the latest covid variant and I’m told it has affected people’s moods. Everyone had been looking forward to a couple of glühwein and cheer with friends and a little spontaneous shopping. Certain songs this time of year make me nostalgic, which reminds me to make a playlist for Christmas morning. We will have two Christmases: European Christmas on the night of 24th at friends and then on 25th, Irish\English Christmas with a day of ‘lolling’ in PJs, drinking champagne and watching the latest Bond movie. Can’t wait. For food, we are having home-made burgers – this also is my death-row dish. No bun. My wish for 2022 is not to be so serious, to have more fun and laugh more. My wish for 2022 is to not be so serious, to have more fun and laugh more.

Beth S – To be led to create an informative, entertaining, and enlightening documentary about education in the USA.

Warren – My wish is that people spend more time reading physical books and less time scrolling through social media and co. Except of course for useful activities like our beloved

Larry – My wish is that everyone can get at least one hug over the holiday

Jen – My Christmas wish is that my family and I can heal from the loss of our loved ones. I also ask that everybody can be safe from unnecessary violence and cruelty.

Bethann – I see so much good in the future, but it won’t erase the near-term suffering and challenges. Do, my wish for 2022 is perseverance.

Julie Jo – Healthy happy family… my only wish.

Mary G – I wish for happiness & healthiness for us all. With a side of fame & fortune.

Taffy — I’ve only seen the family once, and that was on Thanksgiving. There is a Covid outbreak in my apartment complex, so not sure if I’ll be going to my sisters for Christmas. So I guess my Christmas wish is the same as last year. (Taffy 2020 wish — My wish this year is that the virus will calm down, everyone stays healthy, and I can start seeing my family again. I have seen them once since March 13.)

Andy H — I went to a local shop this afternoon for a cup of coffee, and I saw that they had some delicious-looking cheesecake, something that is not on my diet and that I really should avoid. And as I sit here savoring the flavor of this strawberry cheesecake, I consider that maybe I should wish for stronger will power and more self-control in the new year. But what I really want to wish for is more cheesecake.

My Wish – I wish that I can be more tolerant, understanding, and kind to all, even those I disagree with. To not be so quick to jump to anger in certain situations (like road rage), and to hold the spirit of Christmas year-round.

Holiday Wishes 2022

Jen B “My Holiday Wish is that people feel more love, compassion, kindness, and wellness in their lives and that they share it with others to make the world a better place. And of course, my usual beauty pageant bit – I wish for peace on Earth.”

Jason R – “As always, Peace on Earth, goodwill to all humans.”

Robby S – “My wish for 2022 is for everyone to find peace wherever they are.”

Erik D – “My wish is this. I am now the president of the Kerouac Project of Orlando. We need to raise nearly $300,000 in a year. So my wish is to make that happen.”

Jarred J “my wish is for peace in our time, a little grace in our lives, and the strength and spirit in the New Year to make it the best one yet. We’ve made it this far, but we’re not out of the woods yet. Here’s to a great 2023!”

Nicki L “For my wish: it is simply to keep this forward momentum with my dream I started here last October. I started building it in Indy and got here and my friend’s place in the bush is 100% what I want to build and he gives me the freedom to do anything I want with the property. My wish is to continue to pursue my dream of bringing wellness to the world, one ecoproperty at a time.”

Carol S – “My wish for this year is to keep the friendships I have and to strengthen those even more. Friendships are what make life worth living.”

Jolie B – “My wish is for a White Christmas. (something my mom always wished for this time of year too).”

Keith M “My Christmas Wish So I was asked if I wanted to provide a Christmas Wish for this year and I had to really think about it. Far too many things going on in the world that need attention. A completely unnecessary war in Ukraine (not that any war is necessary), brutal climate change that we should have been proactively combating instead of arguing over the science kicking it down the road for the next generation, an impending and frightening famine looming in Somalia due to extreme drought where children are so malnourished they no longer have the strength to swallow, fires, floods, storms, violence…an overwhelmingly sickening and endless list of sadness. Nothing new for the human race right? We may not be able to solve all these problems as we never have found any solutions since the existence of our species, but we can do the simple things which leads me to my wish. That people during these growing difficult times find compassion within themselves to be more open minded, share a little more, give a little more, love a little more. Find patience and compassion and understanding instead of selfish arrogance, mistrust and hate. Do what you can to care and love not only those around you, but those in peril around the world. Appreciate what you have instead of what you have. If we can at least do that then maybe, just maybe we can all make 2023 a brighter year than this one. Peace to everyone!”

Scott S – “2022 Christmas Wish: May each of us Cherish and Value not just our friends but strangers as we expand our worlds and give more and more to each other.”

Beth G. – “My holiday wish is for a successful recovery from my recent open heart surgery.”

Maricar J – “I’ve been working with Ukrainian refugees and it looks like the work will continue this year, sadly. Due to war and natural disasters, there’s been many people displaced from their homes. My wish for 2023 is for everyone to think and act kindly towards one another. Charity begins at home, and if that means being kind to your partner or children, do that. Kindness begets kindness and that’s the future I would hope for, starting with 2023. I wish for people to spread kindness and love this holiday season. It could be a smile, a warm thought, a coin or two in collection boxes, let’s think of those who needs warmth and love the most. I thought how lucky that I have everything. I don’t need a present for myself. But it would be nice to send something to those who need hope so they don’t feel they have been forgotten.”

Mandi W – “As for what I’d like in 2023 for your yearly blog, I really want the see our local animal shelters have lower intake numbers due to people treating their pets better and those shelters to get the support they need to continue to properly take care of the animals that are in their care. And as always, I hope for good health and joy for my friends and family.”

Michael S – “Actually have tried to stop wishing. Wishing, at least for me, sets up expectations. Trying everyday to find gratefulness. If I had to wish it would be very personal. I would wish for the constant physical pain I have to subside.”

Mary W – “I wish for a complete cure for all cancers. Merry Christmas to you and yours.”

Larry M “ I lost a friend yesterday, so my wish is to take as many opportunities as I can to be with loved ones and friends. Thanks for asking Randy.”

Mary G – “Here is my wish for 2023…I wish for happiness, health and MONEY!!!”

Keli F – “ My wish for 2023 is that we find that strength within ourselves to do the hard things. I think the hard things are absolutely what grows you as a person. My daughter leaves for the Airforce on 1/17/2023. This is something that has been on her heart to go and do ever since she graduated High School. She was just afraid of change and being away from family so she never could “take the plunge”. She decided over the summer that it was her time and swore in the day before Thanksgiving. She will be active duty for 4 years and couldn’t be more excited. I am so proud of her for stepping out of her comfort zone and doing something she is passionate about. So go be BRAVE in 2023!!!”

Finola S – “My wish for Christmas 2022 is for people to be kind to one another. The world is suffering with war, hunger, poverty and division and it affects how we feel and think – it is hurting our world. I hope that on Christmas weekend, families will have enough food to eat. I hope that the missiles will stop firing. I hope people will have moments of epiphany and realize they must change their behaviours because the wrongs they are doing are also hurting themselves. I pray for peace.”

Chris T – “My wish is for everyone to find something positive in each day and build on that for the next. No matter what you are going through there is some positive in that day you can draw from.”

I couldn’t have said it better than the wishes here so, my wish is that all these wishes come true. Happy Holidays.

Photo by Valentin Petkov on Unsplash