I’m starting, Cheers 10 days of holiday beverages, on 12/15 so the 10th day will fall on Christmas Eve. BTW, I really thought about, Cheers 10 Days of Holiday Beers, because, you know, rhymes. Anyway. Over the next 10 days, I’ll share some of my favorite evening cocktails (It’s 5:00 somewhere) and NA drinks as well.

I often don’t measure so much as eyeball ingredients, whether I’m cooking or creating a cocktail. And I experiment. Not all of my trials are successful, but as my father taught me, if you want to learn, you must drink your mistakes. (He really said that!)

Cheers! 10 days of Holiday Beverages

Today, I’m sharing two of my favorite cold-weather drinks: Hot buttered rum and a Ginger-lemon hot tonic.

Hot Buttered Rum

  • 2 Tablespoons of unsalted butter
  • 2 Tablespoons of sweetener
  • Cinnamon and nutmeg to taste
  • A dash of vanilla extract
  • 2 ounces of rum
  • 1 Cup of boiling water

Put all the ingredients in a cup and pour the boiling water over it as you stir. Enjoy.

Ginger Lemon Tonic

  • I cut up about an inch of fresh ginger, and although I don’t peel it, I trim any of it that looks gnarly. Next, I chop it up and then comes the lemon.
  • I scrape about ½ of the peel from a fresh lemon to create a small pile of lemon zest.
  • I put the zest and the finely chopped ginger in a strainer and pour boiling water over the strainer into a large cup.
  • Next, I squeeze a little of the lemon and add a couple of lemon wedges into the mixture and then a couple of squirts of honey.

If you’d prefer someone else to make it, here in Indianapolis, Georgetown Market makes a great  Ginger Lemon Tonic.

There you have it, two cheers, no beers, one with rum and the other with none. I might have them both tonight!

Photo by Anita Jankovic on Unsplash