So, what was the worst Christmas gift you ever received? Let me begin by saying I’m not ungrateful for gifts. It’s the thought that counts, right? However, this list could have been titled “What Were They Thinking?” I gathered this list from friends and former co-workers. I couldn’t make this up.

*The names have been changed, OK omitted, to protect the innocent. These are all very real. I couldn’t make this up.   

Top Ten Worst Christmas Gifts

10. A Multicolored striped sweater that looked like a Life Savers wrapper, which had been purchased over a year previously and could not be exchanged.

9. A five-pound box of nuts opened and shared to all by – the giver.

8. A fake lottery ticket – It’s not so funny when you receive one.

7. Baloney in the shape of a horseshoe, and when they told me this, they said, “You’ve seen it – you know, like a       horseshoe, except it’s baloney.” Really?

   6. A fondue ceramic cat. I hope it purred when you dipped your stick in it. 

   5. Regifted chocolates from the “wealthy” co-worker. This person has a famous brother. 

   4. Underwear to a man, from a man, and they were too small. What does it mean?

   3. Plastic bag full of Grandpa’s old Tidy Whiteys. I had to ask, and yes, they had been laundered.  

   2. One gallon of baked beans. Well, who hasn’t wanted a gallon of baked beans?

The Number One Worst Christmas Gift

A Secret Santa gift at a family Christmas gathering with more than a dozen family members watching as a young lady opened her gift. 

Drum roll, please, a Ciralla’s Adult Store surprise bag!    

As a footnote, I’d like to mention most of the people I asked had to think hard about a “BAD “gift, and many shared the sentiment of there being no such thing. However, one brother and sister began sharing stories about each other’s poor gift-giving choices. It’s a continuing conversation.

I’d love to hear about your worst gift story. You can share it in comments! I wish you a merry Christmas and happy gifting.   

Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash