How important is customer loyalty? The most expensive customer is the one you lose. Replacing lost clients with new prospects through marketing and advertising strategies is costly in dollars and time. Doesn’t it make sense to focus on keeping the customers you have? The business world moves at such a hectic pace today that organizations lose sight of where their priorities should lie. Developing customer loyalty should be at the top. Nothing may be more important than building a base of loyal customers and keeping them happy.

How to Build Customer Loyalty with Clients 

  1. Offer an outstanding product

No way around this. Regardless of how personal and sincere your business is, if you don’t have the goods, it doesn’t matter.

  1. Give ’em what they need

Not what you want to market or think they need, but what they need based on market research and customer surveys.

  1. Communicate 

A customer should never have to check on their work status because you should always stay ahead of them. Even if the information isn’t what the customer wants to hear, hearing it builds trust. Your business relationship will be strained when a customer uncovers bad news before you inform them. Listen to customers, and ask for their advice. Learn where and how they need your help.

  1. Recognize their contributions

Look for ways to show your appreciation. Thank customers for their patronage, and let them know how important they are to your organization.

  1. Offer outstanding customer service

Your entire organization should be customer-centric, not just the customer service department. Everyone in your organization should put customers first.

  1. Happy employees make customers happy

Unhappy employees could care less about your customer. If you want to make customers happy, treat your employees fairly. Make them part of the team. Give them customer service expectations and the training to fulfill your customer’s needs. Why You Should Treat Your Employees Like Customers

  1. It’s not one size fits all

Don’t try to put round pegs in square holes. Learn your customers’ needs and do your best to personalize solutions for each.

  1. Promote them

To build customer loyalty, give your customers a reason above and beyond. Be an evangelist for your customers. Send clients to your customers, promote them, and look for ways to help their business.

  1. Add value

Give your customers more than they expect. Under-promise and over–deliver. Throw in extras and add-ons, and surprise them with an upgrade or unasked-for service.

  1. And the number one answer is, drum roll, please…Solve Problems

To build customer loyalty, make your customers’ lives easier. You’ll seldom lose a customer when you solve their problems. 

The next time you lose a valuable customer, ask yourself why. Did your organization communicate poorly, not meet the customer’s needs, or forget to recognize how important they were to your business? How does your company treat its customers? Would you be loyal to you?

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Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash