So, good food and a good deed. I want everyone on the west side of Indy who likes Chinese food to do a good deed and enjoy some great food. Let me explain. Wednesday evening, I was driving back from the eastside after visiting an old friend. It had been a long day that began at 4:00 am and included two meetings I facilitated, writing, editing, and social media. I’d had a small snack around 11:00 am, but it was now almost 7 pm. I was hungry. As I neared home, driving west on Crawfordsville Rd. I saw a small Chinese restaurant in a strip plaza across the street from the Speedway shopping center. I’d never been before but thought, what the heck, I don’t feel like cooking.

Good Food and a Good Deed 

She Was Alone

I walked into the small dining area and saw a woman sitting at a table with a stack of folded carry-out menus and a blue marker. She got up, went behind the counter, and asked how she could help me. I told her I wanted something to go and looked at the menu.

Last year while I was in NYC, my friend Felicia suggested a restaurant in Chinatown and recommended the salt and pepper shrimp. I’d never had it, and I loved it. So, when I saw salt and pepper shrimp on the menu, that was a no-brainer. The lady said it would take about 15 minutes and she went to the kitchen.

I looked around. I gazed at the map of China on the wall, stood by the space heater, and picked up a carry-out menu to take home. The menu had the word delivery and $10 minimum crossed out with a blue marker. I didn’t give it much thought.

So, Do You Own the Place? 

When she came out with the food, I asked if she owned the place. She did. Then I asked if she was alone tonight. A tear welled up and rolled down her cheek. She said yes, my husband passed away in January. He was only sixty-four. It was cancer. Now I knew why she was crossing out delivery off of the menus.

I asked her name, and she said, Jean. I asked if I could hug her, and she said yes, please. We stood there for a minute, and then she asked if I needed soy sauce. I didn’t.

I’m no expert on salt and pepper shrimp, but these are fantastic. They’re huge, and there were eighteen! It’s Friday, and I still have six left and some rice.

A Call to Action

So, by now, you know the act of kindness, the good deed, I’d like you all to do. Stop by the Canton Express and order some great food. It’s at 5945 Crawfordsville Road, suite G, 317-240-3309. I‘d recommend the salt and pepper shrimp.