Are you selling the benefits of your product? For years as a sales trainer, I preached the acronym FAB (Feature Advantage Benefit.) Too often, sales and marketing concentrate on the features of their product or service (what it is), not considering what, if anything, the feature means to the consumer. Some took it further and shared the advantages of their products (what it does). Still, only some thought about the benefit to the customers (what it does for the customer), and that’s what’s most important to the majority of consumers. Isn’t that what’s most important to you?

Are You Selling the Benefits of Your Product?

Turn it around

I was only sometimes successful in convincing sales and marketing teams that sharing the benefit with the customer was their best strategy. They’d get caught up in the excitement of the features and advantages and sometimes never get to the benefits. If I were to do my training over, I would reverse the order from FAB to BAF. If the priority is the benefit for most consumers, why not begin there?

BAF – Benefit—Advantage—Feature

  • Share the Benefit –What it does specifically for the consumer
  • Explain the Advantage – How it works, what it does
  • Mention the Feature – What it is

Some of the most popular Google searches are people looking for solutions to problems, such as how-to, FAQs, and tutorials. People want answers to their headaches, and the best marketing strategy is to give solutions to their problems that benefit the consumer.

Market the Solution, not the Product 

Most people search for solutions to their problems rather than products. If people can’t see how their problems could be solved by what you’re providing, you may be wasting your time and resources.

Educate more than you Advertise 

Advertising geared toward sharing the benefits to the consumer is key in our social media driven world. People no longer accept being spoken at; they want to be talked to. They wish to be part of the conversation. They want to share their problems and then be educated with answers to their questions. Providers that solve problems are cherished and advocated.

Was this Beneficial? 

Forget FAB and make BAF your sales and marketing strategy. Share the benefits first, solve problems, and give customers the answers they’re searching for.

Did this post help you understand what customers expect? Does it give you an idea of where to take your marketing? Has it been of benefit to you?

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