A couple of weeks ago, I was privileged to travel with my Friend Kim Harvey. Kim and her mother founded the Angels & Doves Anti-Bullying Program more than a decade ago. During that time, she’s spoken with more than 25,000 students at 113 schools and over 100 youth organizations. Her message isn’t only about calling out bullying. She shares four types of bullying: how to identify a bully, recognize victims, intervene, and prevent bullying.

Angels & Doves Anti-Bullying Program

What is Angels & Doves? 

“Angels & Doves is an anti-bullying program that travels across the nation to educate about the harms and consequences of bullying. The program is designed to empower individuals to stand up and speak up against bullying in any setting or organization.

We speak to groups of all shapes and sizes. The Angels & Doves anti-bully program is flexible for all ages and all demographics! We’ve been successful at schools, churches, youth organizations, colleges, and businesses.” – Kim Harvey.

A Road Trip 

As I rode with Kim to Southern Indiana, she surprised me by asking me to introduce her and talk for a few minutes. We started the presentation with a video of Pharrell William’s “Happy.” The first group was middle schoolers. We were in the gym, and the boys & girls danced in the bleachers. It was awesome. After the song, I talked for a couple of minutes about choosing to be happy or choosing to be mad. I asked the kids if they had a choice, and several said yes, but it’s hard not to be mad when someone does something mean. I asked them to try something. The next time they are about to be angry to stop, take a deep breath, and think of the song Happy.

The Presentation 

Kim talked for almost an hour about anti-bullying. It was enlightening; more importantly, I saw Kim get through to the children. She continually involved them by asking questions. During the presentation, Kim mentioned suicide hotlines. As I watched, one pigtailed 13-year-old girl had a tear rolling down her cheek. After the presentation, she came to talk to Kim. She shared some disturbing information about her home life. Kim listened and then directed her to a school counselor.

Near the end of her talk, Kim asked the students what they had learned and their takeaways. Several children said they would stop bullying, especially on social media. They hadn’t realized how destructive it could be until Kim brought it to their attention. More than one said they were ready to be friends again with people they were mad at. More than I would’ve guessed admitted to being a bully and promised to stop, and several raised their hands that they were being bullied and would commit to going to a school counselor. One little boy raised his hand and said, “When I’m about to get mad, I’m going to think of the song Happy.” Wow, I can’t tell you how happy it made me to hear that.

The Second Session 

The second session was with the high school kids. They started slow but warmed up as the presentation progressed. Like the middle schoolers, they began sharing, asking questions, and getting involved. When Kim asked the group if anyone had been bullied, more than half raised their hands. Bullying is not an isolated small problem in schools.

Book a Presentation 

If you’d like Kim to speak to your group, you can Book a Presentation. You can also find all the materials you’ll need to lead an effective discussion and presentation about bullying with the Angels & Doves Anti-Bully Box. “This box is built to be flexible and is suitable for all ages.”

If you’d like to Donate to Angels & Doves, “Your contribution goes towards materials, No Bully Shirts, The Bully Book, The Adult Anti-Bully Manual, Anti-Bully Box, and more!”

As I write this, I received a text from Kim asking if I’d like to join her on a presentation in November. Absolutely!

How I Help You?  

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