Instead of Top “Ten Social Media Marketing Mistakes”, I almost titled this post “MY Top Ten Social Media Marketing Mistakes” because although I haven’t made every one of these—I’ve come close. I’ll take that further; I continue to make mistakes, which gives me the opportunity to learn. Ain’t it great? Every day I’ll see someone do something on social media that I’ve never considered, read a post informing me of a better way, or find a tool I didn’t know existed.

Top Ten Social Media Marketing Mistakes

10.  Not presenting a unified brand

Your brand should be recognizable across social networks. Color, typography, and logo should be identifiable. This is true for all marketing not only on social networks.

9.   Thinking social media marketing is advertising

It isn’t. It’s attraction not promotion. If you’re constantly selling, eventually people will view you as spam and shut you out. People have to want to view your media. Therefore, make it attractive by solving problems, sharing humor, and promoting others.

8.  Believing social media marketing is free

Oh yea, It’s free—except for the time spent tweeting, blogging, posting, conversing, sharing, and following up. I mean, other than that it’s free, right?

7.  Trying to do too much and doing it poorly

 You don’t have to be on every network. Go where your prospects and customers are to be found. If you only have time for one network, choose wisely and concentrate on it rather than attempting to manage multiple sites poorly.

6. Not linking back to your site

Why are you on social networks? Hopefully lead generation is part of the reason. Bring ‘em back to your funnel every chance you have.

5. No call to action

A CTA doesn’t have to be some spammy version of buy or die or make money tweeting from home. It can be as simple as, “We’d like your thoughts.”

4. No blog or no new posts since December of 2019

Shame on you. Your blog is the cornerstone of you network marketing. It’s one of the primary tools to attract folks to your web site let alone what it does for SEO.

3. Little or no video

Video has become a primary avenue of attraction. If content is king then video is the prime minister.  “85% of consumers worldwide rely heavily on video when they purchase goods and services online, according to a study by Brightcove” — Marketing Tech News.

2. Ignoring analytics

Last month my total blog hits increased but insignificantly. One social network was down and another up. I’ve implemented improvement plans. I’d never know if I didn’t look at the numbers. Don’t ignore them.

1. And the number one reason…Drum roll, please. Not considering mobile applications

I ranked this number one because I continue to see this from established sites and people who know better. More people today read blogs, complete contact forms, and review portfolios on a mobile device than from a PC. Please don’t make it difficult.

There’s my top ten. What did I miss? What would you add? I’d like to know what you think.

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