How do you, “be a connector”? I’m a connector. I connect people, I connect friends, acquaintances,  and associates. I look for ways they may help each other, but here’s the thing, I wasn’t always a connector. When I was younger, I was selfish. Connectors can’t be selfish. It doesn’t work. Having a “me first” attitude isn’t the way to bring people together. And here’s the other thing, me first didn’t work for me. It drove people away. Being a connector is attractive to others. It’s a magnet of positivity, and it’s a heckuva lotta fun.

How to be a connector

Like, I said I wasn’t always a connector. Where does one begin? It begins with a “coming from help” mindset. The best connectors have pure motivations of wanting to help others with few, if any, ulterior or self-serving motives.

Connect connectors

You know a few connectors don’t you? Do they know each other? If not why haven’t you introduced them to each other? Who knows where it may lead?

Have a plan

Introduce people with an idea in mind about how they might help each other.

Schedule an event

Since October of 2010 I’ve met nearly every third Thursday evening with friends, either in-person or virtually, with only one intention—to help each other. It works. We connect. We call it Friend Up

Don’t let it slide

After connecting people, don’t forget about them. Follow up. One of the things our Friend Up group does is share ways to help each in a private online page. We follow up with our connections.

Give first

There doesn’t need to be any reason other than helping others to connect people. As I said, if it’s all about you it’s not connecting, its promoting. If you want to know how giving first is done follow my friend Kevin Mullett.

Ask Questions

Ask others how you can help, who they’d like to connect with, and what they need. Do this for no other reason than to help and you will. I’ve watched my friend Lorraine Ball do this over and over. Every time we meet she asks about me with no mention of her needs.

Are you Ready to Connect?

I wasn’t until I was (did Yogi Berra say that?). What I’m trying to say is not everyone is a connector and not everyone is ready to be a connector, but if you are and you’re ready it’s a great way to connect. So are you ready? How can I help you? Who would you like to meet? Leave me a comment and we’ll connect.

How Can I Help You?

I like to help people and organizations, but I have three criteria I consider before taking an assignment – I believe in what the organization stands for, I know I can help, and it looks like fun. If you have any questions, Contact Me. 

I’d always considered myself an effective networker. I’m friendly, easy to talk to, and I’ve never met a stranger. However, none of that makes me a good networker – it makes me outgoing. If I wanted to be the most effective networker I could be, I needed a plan. That’s how my networking workbook, Help Networking started.

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash