So, how critical is it to keep selling during the holidays? A few minutes ago, I saw a Facebook post from the co-owner of an agency where some friends work. They shared this, “Sometimes you go three months without signing a new contract. And then sometimes you land five exciting contracts in one week. You learn fast as an agency owner that year-end is no joke.”

If selling is part of your job, it’s easy to fall into the trap of getting away from selling during the holidays. The problem is that this trap affects your production as the year ends and negatively impacts the first quarter of the New Year. Slowing down during the holidays means fewer leads in the funnel for January and beyond. So, what can you do to keep selling?

How to Keep Selling During the Holidays

Don’t Forget Your Daily Planner

The holidays aren’t a time to put your planner in a desk drawer and wait for next year’s calendar to arrive. Your daily planner or to-do list may be more important at this time of year than at other times. It’s easy to become lulled into a sense of entitlement and take time off and skip activities, but that will lead to a difficult start to your New Year. Rather than skipping your plan because of holiday activities, add them to your schedule and make time for sales calls and follow-up where you can.

Stay on Top of Your Activities

Set goals for calls, prospecting, and follow-up. Send cards to clients, visit customers with a promotional gift, or just call to say hello. Whatever activities helped you achieve success the first eleven months of the year, why would you get away from them now? Keep in mind that many businesses will make buying decisions before the new year to take advantage of tax breaks or start the new year with a new plan.

Give Customers a Reason Not to Put You Off

Committing to your product or service may not be a priority for your clients. Some folks will want to wait until after the holidays, until next year, or want you to call on them in the first quarter. To combat this, you must give them a reason to work with you now. The urgency could be special pricing, add-on products or services, or year-end discounts. Regardless, give your customers a compelling reason to collaborate with you before next year.

Remember that Most People Are in a Great Frame of Mind

Rather than dwell on why customers don’t want to buy from you during the holidays, consider this. The holiday season is a happy time of year, and for many, it’s a joyous occasion. Unless your customer’s name is Ebenezer, they’re in a good mood, and isn’t that when you should talk with them?

The biggest reason sales slow down during the holidays is salespeople get away from the activities that have made them successful. Remember what got you here and keep doing it. Merry Christmas.

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