I’ve published an annual holiday wishes post since 2010. Time flies when you’re having fun. But this year has been – different. Many of the 2021 holiday wishes are for a better 2021, most are from the heart, and a few are funny. I hope you enjoy.

Holiday Wishes 11 

Lindsey – My holiday wish is for the 3 H’s – health, happiness, and herd immunity. (The hospital where Lindsey works is full.)

Beth S. – My wish/goal this year is to be more open minded. To bark less.

Jarred – I wish everyone some peace after the storm, a long, happy, and healthy New Year, and the peace and patience to build the world into a more generous and prosperous place for every single person. It’s time to heal!

Robby – My wish for this holiday season is to your health.

Scott – My wish is that people will look for and focus on the areas of agreement instead of disagreement with others. And I still want world peace and a pony.

Finola – With Christmas almost here, songs like ‘O Holy Night’ and ‘Travelling home for Christmas’ by Chris Rea, evoke strong emotional responses in me; that link between music and memories always seems stronger this time of year. Seeing the people, I love on Christmas Day, their smiles, the anticipation for the day ahead and underlying excitement, is an experience felt by so many in all parts of the world – a day of togetherness that I’m going to cherish. My wish for 2021 is for a peaceful, kinder, and unified world, one with empathetic leadership.

Chris H – I wish for everyone to really think about the true meaning of Christmas. Value the people in your life and not focus on things. Appreciate the extra time you get with your loved one’s who you are able to be around and not focus on who you are unable to be with.

Carol –My wish is for kids all over the world to have enough to eat.

Taffy – My wish this year is that the virus will calm down, everyone stays healthy, and I can start seeing my family again. I have seen them once since March 13.

Mary – My wish is for the same thing pretty much, that all who are suffering from cancer are cured. I’m forever grateful and blessed by being cancer free (so far) and hope to stay that way, but it’s in God’s hands. Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hopefully 2021 will be better than 2020.

Bea – Wish I would not need to wear this mask.

John S – I wish everyone could feel, know, and most importantly share the same kind of love I feel and have for my family.

Keli – My wish is that we all try to dig deep and find our Holiday Joy. So easy to focus on all the things we can’t do right now due to COVID-19. I know I am struggling because I have had to cancel my annual Christmas Eve party that I have hosted for years with my family. I am not going to pout about it anymore. Instead, I am going to enjoy my time off with my husband and kids and be grateful that I can relax.

Amanda – My wish is for the holidays to be over quickly.

Andy – So much of this year, I feel like I’ve been squeezing my fists and holding my breath, and I know I’m not alone. My wish for this Christmas and for the coming year is that we will finally be able to release some of that persistent tension and find everyday joy and contentment again.

Mandi – This year’s wish from me is for everyone to find health and happiness in 2021. This last year has been so hard on so many … for so many reasons … and I just hope everyone can find true joy, peace, and a sense of normalcy in the coming year. And I also wish the baking banana bread fad would come back. I miss it.

Sam – My Christmas wish … for all to come together as a nation, White, Black, Hispanic, and others, Male, Female, Gay, Straight, Republican, Democrat, etc. For all of us to realize life is too short to live with hate and bitterness. We are all humans, and we all want the same thing. Life, liberty, and the relentless pursuit of happiness. I wish for the beginning of the healing for this nation. Together we stand … divided we fall.

Madilyn – Abolish monopolized capitalism.

Mason – For 2020 to be the greater evil 2021 to be less trash.

Evan – My wish is that I can be a good father to my son.  And I wish the Colts would win the super bowl!

Bethann – I wish for science, truth, and common sense to prevail. I wish for common ground, empathy, and understanding.

Jen – All I want for Christmas is my family to be healthy.

Julie Jo – All I want for Christmas is a fat bank account and a skinny waist. Same wish as last year but it got reversed somehow.

Jason – My two front teeth, literally!

Michael – World Peace and for humanity to act like they have a conscience.

Randy – I wish for all of us to be a little kinder to one another, to appreciate what we have not what we’re missing, and to help those in need. Merry Christmas!

The Ghost of Christmas Past!

Unfortunately, the first holiday wishes from 2010 have been lost, but I thought you might enjoy these from 2011.

Your Holiday Wishes 2011

Allison Carter  @AllisonLcarter – Wishing my brother a safe deployment in Turkey with the US Air Guard. He leaves just after Christmas, so we’ll be celebrating early so he can report on time.

Amber Recker  @amrecker – My wish: To look life in the face and know it; to love it for what it is (good or bad), always.
Okay, and I could use a new handbag 🙂 But I could go without.

Robby Slaughter @Robbyslaughter– My holiday wish is that we all appreciate what we have. It’s an amazing world, a tremendous life, and a daily opportunity to be good to each other.

Don Kincaid  @Donkincaid-To always remember to listen and understand others’ needs – also to treasure time with family and friends.

Erin Couch @ErinCouch – My holiday wishes: 1) Having my Purdue Boilermakers reach (at least) the Sweet Sixteen in 2012. 2) The world ending (if it actually happens) before my 10-year high school reunion. 3) More local business and music support in the greater Indianapolis area…Indy rocks, let’s share this notion with our neighbors! 4) A pony. 5) That all my friends, family and colleagues have a safe, prosperous, and incredible 2012.

Chad H. Pollitt @CpollittIU For this year Randy I wish that all of the purveyors of voodoo Internet marketing would fall mute, close up their blogs and quit making our jobs harder. . .

 Scott Howard @ScLoHo This Christmas and the year ahead, my wish is for all of us to find the common threads we can agree on, instead of the areas of disagreement that many are prone to venture towards. Oh, I can I get an iPad2 in my stocking, Santa?

Sarah Croft @saraelysecroft – I wish for peace, love, bacon, and beer for all!

Chris Theisen @cjtheisen – All I wish for is for everyone to donate at least one afternoon to a charity cause. Donating money helps but donating your time will change your perspective. If everyone does this it will help the worlds perspective. Oh, and an iPad2 please.

Brian Groce  @briangroce – As usual, I’m hoping for a healthy & prosperous new year and am looking forward to seeing what the 2012 chapter has in store for us all. Live, laugh, love and be thankful for what you have and don’t dwell upon what you don’t.

Pamela Riley @pamelareilly1  – My genuine wish is that everyone would be at peace with who they are, what they have and where they are in life. A lack of personal peace leads to conflict with others and breeds misery. I also wish for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing for all. (Even though it would put me out of a job. LOL) And … of course … an iPad and a Ducati Diavel.

Paul Poteet @PaulPoteet – It’s my 30th Christmas with Mrs. Poteet. I wish for 30 years more. I wish my son Nolan wouldn’t stay up so late gaming. I wish for continued good grades for my son Graham who is studying molecular biology. He wants to work on the Human Genome Project. I’m looking forward to him supporting me once I retire… which by the way will open up about 27 Media jobs.

Jenn Booth @jlbooth Holiday wish: I hope that this Christmas brings happiness and joy to my loved ones. I’ll be closer to them starting in January and that can only be a good thing. 🙂 I hope that my transition of moving and changing where I work goes smoothly. I also wish for health and success, the best health that I can have in 2012.

Greg McMullen @McMullen_Greg – Last year my brother had surgery to fix his foot. This year my dad is having a knee replacement the week before Christmas. I’m not sure why our family has these situations, but my hope is the same. Full and fast recovery so my dad can get back to living his life before all the pain.

Jake Anderson @andersonjake – Tough question – I have a lot of goals I’d like to accomplish this December… But my Christmas wish has to be spending time with my family and giving my three-year-old daughter the best Christmas possible.

Lindsey Richardt @LindseyUHS – In all seriousness, I want a remote car starter because I’m garage-less. In the spirit of Christmas, my wish is to spend Christmas day with my whole family together enjoying several bottles of wine and playing silly games.

Rocky Walls @Rockywalls– My Christmas wish is to spend every moment possible with my wife and boys, enjoying the food and fellowship of the season.

Kit Wessendorf @KitWessendorf – The only wish I have for Christmas is (honest to God) full time work. Short of that.to be with my family.

Randy Clark @randyclarktko – Once again I’ll be spending time with my wife, daughters, and grandchildren. I’m blessed with an understanding wife, overachieving children, and beautiful grandchildren. The only thing I wish for are many more happy holidays. It couldn’t get much better. Happy Holidays from all of us at TKO Graphics!

           Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash