Social media holiday etiquette is always important. However, this year it might be more critical than ever. As we near the end 2020 we can all agree it’s been a demanding year. COVID, racism, and the election have divided America. Unfortunately, too many people use social media to vent, berate, and hold forth. Here’s the thing, I’ve watched businesses do this. Using social media in this negative fashion isn’t a good strategy for business; especially during the holidays. There are standards to be followed, considerations to be given, and respect to be shown. Here are eight social media holiday etiquette do’s and don’ts.

Social Media Holiday Etiquette Recommendations

Don’t be too salesy

It’s the holidays, not the “saleadays.” Yes, it’s good to promote your brand during the holiday season but not at the expense of good taste.

Do support local

And not only local businesses but your customers, partners, and vendors. “This holiday season looks a little different, but we can still share joy. Shop Small and support your favorite small businesses… Don’t forget: This year Small Business Saturday  falls on November 28th.

Don’t post inappropriate content

There are too many examples of social media fails during the holidays. It ranges from government agencies to international conglomerates. Be careful.

Do post fresh holiday content

Share photos of holiday décor at the workplace, post a holiday blog, or shoot a Christmas video. Have fun. Here’s one example I’ve been doing for ten years, Holiday Wishes X

Don’t drink and post

No drunk tweeting, especially from the open bar at the office Christmas party.

Don’t ignore your social media

Don’t automate and schedule content without checking in and following up. Be social, reply to comments, and thank people for sharing. Wish people a Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

Do give back

It’s the time of the year to share and be charitable. Give back and ask others for their help. Here’s one way you can help those who could use some love this year, Salvation Army Angel Tree Toy Drive.

Do create holiday themes

Share holiday images and graphics. I love this post and the story behind it. Merry Christmas from 1954: Free Vintage Holiday E-cards and Wallpaper

Remember the Reason for the Season

It’s easy to get caught up in all the holiday marketing, especially if you’re the marketer. However, the reason for the season isn’t only to sell your product or service. So, have fun, give back, and share. And isn’t that what the season is about?