There are multiple reasons why cats suck at social media. To begin with, their paws are a problem, they tend to swipe at the screen and scratch it, and they play with the mouse. But the biggest reason is cattiude. They are not social creatures.

Cats are Territorial

Cats don’t like to share and often don’t play well with others. The most successful social media advocates share. They not only share content, but also promote others. It’s important in social media to share the territory, not mark it as solely your own.

Cats are Solitary

Cats prefer their own company to others. This doesn’t work well in social media. If you only talk about yourself, you’ll eventually be the only one listening. Don’t be a loner – join the conversation.

Cats Want to Dominate

Cats want to be on top looking down on the world — again, not much good in social media. If you set yourself above others, sooner or later, you’ll be alone. Open your heart and mind to the world — there’s a lot to be said for listening.

Cats Sleep… A Lot 

Cats sleep 16 hours day or more. Social media is now, not later. Oh sure, you can schedule posts at the most optimum time — until the conversation finds you out. Don’t spend days away — stay in the game.

Cats Can be Mean and Aggressive

Cats are mean. They attack others, which is not conducive to making friends anywhere. This is easy to forget while hiding behind a keyboard, but social media is not the place to be anti-social. Make friends, not snark.

Let’s face it — cats don’t care about socializing unless there’s something in it for them. Social media should not be a me-first place. It’s a place to be social. Don’t suck, and don’t be catty. Be nice. Just be kind on social media.

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Photo by Trà My on Unsplash