Unfortunately, of these top ten outdated phrases I’ve used at least eight of them this year. I occasionally use phrases, slang, and colloquialisms some of my younger friends and colleagues (okay, they’re all younger than me) either don’t understand, or chuckle at because they’re so two days ago. To help boomers, and others who may be out of touch with acceptable modern phraseology, here are my top 10 outdated slang words and phases. Don’t let these words slip past your pie-hole, not cool, fool.

10. ‘Sup, dawg

9. Off the hook

8. Don’t let the bedbugs bite (Duh, there’s an epidemic)

7. Bummed out

6. Wack

5. Dis

4. Rad

3. Gnarly

2. Far out

And Number one, drum roll please:

1. Whateva!

It was, most definitely, difficult to limit this to 10. True dat! So, I’ve kicked a few more phrases to the curb. The expiration date is up on these. You want to be legit? Don’t use them. If you want to be fly and don’t want to sound square, cut these from your vocab, okey-dokey?

Honorable mentions

  • Oh, snap!
  • Groovy
  • Man alive
  • Totally
  • In your face
  • Most definitely
  • Psyche
  • Da bomb
  • Boyeee
  • In the house
  • Kewl (in a text) My granddaughter said that was so 2014 when I texted it to her.

Stop this now!

  • If you’re a male and say “actually” –  you’re probably mansplaining, stop it.
  • Don’t tell someone to smile, especially if your male and telling a female she’s so pretty when she smiles. That. is. Sexist.
  • Do not say all lives matter or white privileged doesn’t exist. If you believe these statements I don’t know if I can actually … explain this to you, but stop.
  • When you say you’re so articulate or you don’t sound Latin, African American, or Asian your racism is showing.
  • Never ask, “May I touch your hair”.

My top ten outdated phrases is a pretty “bad” list isn’t it? Tubular! It’s dope, dudes. What other phrases would you oust? Holy moley, there are some neat ones to consider. Heavens to Betsey, I know you have some awesome others to share. See ya later alligator—after while crocodile. Tag, you’re it.

I like to have fun here, but I can be serious.

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