There you have it. Yes, I pee in the shower. Not sometimes, but every time I take a shower. Don’t get me wrong I don’t step into the shower to urinate. I relieve myself when I’m taking a shower. Every time. Everyday. Also, you should know it’s my shower. My wife and I have separate bathrooms. Here’s why I pee in the shower.

Because, I Pee a Lot 

At nearly 70-years-old, I pee a lot. I pee often, and I pee in stops and starts. I pee every night at 2 am and again at 5 am. I pee when I get out of bed at 6 am. And I pee when I take a shower at 7 am. Like I said, I pee a lot. I’ve learned not to pass a bathroom.

Some sounds hasten my urination, and running water is the biggest culprit. I couldn’t stop myself from peeing in the shower if I wanted to. However, the truth is I don’t want to.

It’s The Best Place in the World to Pee

The shower is the best place in the world to unleash a stream of urine. Unlike the toilet, I don’t have to be concerned about missing the tank or peeing on the rim. The problem is my stream often has a mind of it’s own. It doesn’t always follow my directions. I may point it straight down the middle to watch it escape to the far left. Sometimes it comes out in multiple streams – like a waterfall.

The intensity of the flow varies as well. Sometimes, it’s one strong, steady stream like water coming out of a hose, and other times it’s a pulsating jet of recycled water.

And before you suggest, I sit down to pee. It doesn’t work for me. I don’t empty my bladder. I can’t feel how full it is. I was sure I’d find scientific studies as to why this is so, but I didn’t. I found the opposite. I learned why, for men, sitting down to urinate was no different than standing, and for some, it’s better. Not me. It doesn’t work.

While urinating in my backyard during the early dappled sunlit morning hours, I noticed something disturbing as my urine reached the mulch, backlit by the sunlight. To my dismay, tiny droplets of aerosol urine glowed like diamonds as they bounced up from the mulch. In a 360 display, the tiny droplets spread my wastewater in a nearly three-foot circle, including my legs and feet. Yuk.

I’m Saving the World One Urination at a Time

I’d like to add that I’m being environmentally responsible. I have eliminated hundreds if not thousands of flushes. That’s more than a gallon and one-half of water per flush. If I’ve eliminated one flush a day, every day, for the last ten years – that’s a lot of gallons.

Another thing that I do to help save the planet is I enter the shower before turning it on. I start with a small flow of cold water, and that’s when I pee. I don’t let gallons of water flow down the drain while I wait for the shower to warm.

I also think I should clarify that I’m only talking about the shower. For example, I never pee in the pool. Okay, there was that time when I was seven years old, and we all had to leave the pool, but not now. So, never the pool, but is it okay to pee in a lake? I mean the fish and turtles do, don’t they?

But Wait! It’s Unsanitary, Isn’t it? 

No, not really. You probably wash off more dirt, grime, and germs after a day at work or a day at the beach. “Healthy urine is mostly water, electrolytes, and waste products, such as urea. Urea is the result of proteins breaking down.

It’s unlikely that your urine could cause an infection even if bacteria in the urine made their way into your body through a cut or other wound on your legs or feet.” — Healthline — Is It okay to Pee in the Shower? It Depends

But wait, doesn’t urine stain the shower floor? Nope, not the case. I can tell you from experience that if you leave the shower running, there is no stain, odor, or residue.

And speaking of standing in my urine, I do not. Never ever. Even with my poor aim, I can point the stream away from my feet in the shower.

Do You Pee in the Shower? Should You? 

Yes, I pee in the shower. I have no choice, but if I did have a choice – I’d still pee in the shower. Unlike the toilet, I don’t have a target to hit. Yes, I aim at the drain, but if my sighting is off, it doesn’t matter, it’s all caught in the steady stream from the shower head. So, do you pee in the shower? Tell the truth.

Sometimes I like to have a little fun on here. So, shoot me. I hope you enjoyed this post and keep in mind I’m passionate about leadership development … and having fun.

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