I was recently asked to conduct a management candidate interview for an executive position at a large construction company. Two of the three business owners joined me in the interview. I asked the majority of the questions and facilitated the conversation. We used the Management Candidate Interview Questionnaire below, but before you look at it and decide it’s too complicated and has too many questions, you should know I agree, because it does have too many questions.

I met with the co-owners of the business before we interviewed the candidate and asked their candidate expectations as well as their concerns. Next, we chose the questions best suited to their needs, changed a few questions, and added a couple.

So, here’s my point, this questionnaire is a resource, not a comprehensive management candidate survey for every industry and business. Because it’s best use is to select questions that fit the needs of the company and to stimulate thought processes to create additional questions suited to the position and circumstances.

Feel free to copy, paste, cut, and change the candidate interview to fit your needs.

Management Candidate Interview Questionnaire  

Name _________________________________ Department _____________ Date _________

Part I – Commitment

  1. Are you willing to relocate for an opportunity?


  1. Why do you want a leadership role?


Part II – Service

  1. How many years of service do you have with the company?



  1. Rate your departmental skills — your ability to do the individual tasks of the position.



  1. Rate you attendance one being excellent ten being unacceptable.



  1. How much overtime, travel, and weekend work do you complete on a monthly basis?


Part III – Qualifications

  1. What qualifies you to be a Manager?



  1. What are a Manager’s responsibilities?



  1. Tell me about a successful Manager you’ve worked with. What made him or her successful?



  1. Tell me about an unproductive Manager you’ve reported to and why they were unproductive?



  1. What makes an employee happy at work? Unhappy?



  1. What are sources of anger for you while on the job?



  1. Describe a Managers work schedule?



  1. What is your proudest accomplishment at work?



  1. What is your best character quality and your worst?



  1. What’s the best thing about our organization? Worst?



  1. Where do you see yourself in five years?



  1. In what ways would you like to improve your department?



  1. How could the company improve?



  1. How would you make the staff in your department better at their jobs?

Part IV – Characteristics

One being excellent to ten being incompetent rate yourself & explain why or how on the following:

  • Organization


  • Following instructions


  • Retaining information


  • People skills


  • Delegation


  • Problem solving


  • Analysis


  • Patience


  • Paperwork


  • Follow through


  • Self-starting


  • Commitment to improve


So, Have You Made a Questionnaire for Your Business?

How many questions fit your organizational needs? Were there questions that almost fit, but needed a little touch-up? Did the list bring to mind questions to add? Let me know how it works for you.

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How Can I Help You?

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