My first Holiday Wishes post was published in 2010, Your Ultimate Holiday Wish. I continued with Holiday Wishes 2011Holiday Wishes 2012Holiday Wishes IVHoliday Wishes V, Holiday Wishes VIHoliday Wishes VII, Holiday Wishes VIII,  Holiday Wishes IX. I  hope you enjoy Holiday Wishes X.

Today, I publish the tenth edition of holiday wishes. Over the years, I’ve collected and posted hundreds of wishes. Many are sincere, some are tongue-in-cheek, and others are, well, you should read for yourself. And don’t just read this newest installment of Holiday Wishes but dive back in time to wishes of days past. It’s a fun trip.  Enjoy.

Lindsey Richardt @LmRichardt

Hi!!!! Merry Christmas to you! I don’t need much this Christmas, but I’d love more down time! It gets harder every year to squeeze in all of the holiday obligations. Oh, and I’ll always take a good bottle of wine.

Larry Mount @LazBlazter

This year it will be: To show that I appreciate my friends and loved ones and find time for all the things I keep putting off for another day. All the best.

Jarred Juett @JarredJuett

Thankful for the forces of good, light, and generosity in our world pushing us all to a happier, healthier future. It’s going to be a big year! Keep your heads up high, enjoy time with your loved ones this season, stay warm, and be generous! Happy holidays!

Carol Stephen @Carol_Stephen

My wish this year is for the planet. We need to turn around climate change quickly. Like a murmuration, we need to all change direction and move as one unit.

Scott Howard @ScLoHo

May you cherish the loved ones in your life with the gift of time and attention. That’s what we remember the most as the years go by. And I’m still waiting for that pony I asked Santa for 50 years ago

robbyslaughter @robbyslaughter

My wish for this holiday season is that we make the best choices for ourselves and make only one choice for others — acceptance.

Keith Marshall

Financial freedom where I’m always making more money than I spend, so I can volunteer my time helping others as best I can. Leaving the world better than when I came into it.

Beth Staub

I wish we could all just get along. Even if we disagree. Our political system is not a football game.

Stephanie Taffy Stevens

My Christmas wish is a bit unrealistic, but I wish all animals could be rescued.

Mary Warrick

My Christmas wish would be to find out, after 6 rounds of chemo, that I am in remission and stay that way for many years. And that all people who are suffering from cancer, get the same results. God bless them all!!!💚

Chris Theisen @cjtheisen

I wish: Everyone can spend time with their loved ones over the holidays. Everyone good health or speedy recoveries from whatever they are battling – Everyone to show more empathy towards others because we rarely know what they are dealing with – That I choose to join the right employer. I’ve got final interviews this week with 2 places and an offer from a 3rd. Hoping to get things tied up by early next week. Postscript: He got the job! Congratulations my friend.

My Wish for Holiday Wishes X

A few weeks ago, I spent four days in Orlando with my youngest daughter, her husband, and her two children. It was the best four days of my year. I watched my 14-year-old granddaughter own the stage as the White Witch in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and my grandson compete in a county cross country meet. My oldest grandson brought his four-month-old son, my great grandson, over to meet me. And then my 23-year-old granddaughter informed me that her and her boyfriend planned to move to Indianapolis after they graduated next summer. There was more, but you get the idea. So, my wish is that we all are blessed with time to enjoy and appreciate our families. Merry Christmas!

If you’d like to share a wish, please leave it in comments.