So what was the best Christmas present ever? I’ll get to that, I promise.

I love the holidays and almost everything about the season. I love the music and go caroling most years, and I love Christmas movies. Cold weather and snow don’t chill me they thrill me. Holiday decorations inside and out adorn my domicile. Maybe I go a bit too far, I think I might drive my wife a little crazy, but hey it’s the holidays.

A New Holiday Tradition

A few years ago, my wife and I began a new holiday tradition. We are fortunate and don’t lack for much. We live a simple and frugal lifestyle, which brings us much happiness. Because of this, neither of us is the easiest person in the world to buy for. So, when it comes to choosing gifts for each other, it can be a challenge.

So, we began donating to charities in each other’s name. We knew what charities each other was passionate about and we’d share our thoughts about donating. It’s been a rewarding experience that fits my idea of what the holiday season should be about. But, it’s not the best Christmas present ever.

A Gift with a Name Tag

Here’s the great thing. Anyone can do this. Give a gift in the name of your spouse, child, or parent. It doesn’t have to be the only gift, it can be, but you can still give them presents to unwrap on Christmas morning. One charity, one donation, and one big smile from the person in whose name the donation was made. Give someone the the best Christmas present ever.

The Best Christmas Present Ever 

25 years ago, my eldest daughter moved to Florida on her own. It was her first teaching position. At Christmas, I received a card from her. In the card, she wrote me a note and said my Christmas present was a coat for a homeless lady. That was 25 years ago. To this day it’s my favorite Christmas present. It indeed is better to give than to receive.

Here’s a little song I wrote about her gift.

Who’s Birthday Is This? 

As I look at the tree

The presents piled underneath

The candles, the cards, and the wreath

I can’t help but think

We don’t understand

This is not a celebration of man.


Everywhere I go

People scurry to and fro

Hurried and worried and frayed.

And so I pray

Please show me the way

To put love back into this day.


        Why do we honor this day?

        Is this how he showed the way?

        What do you think he might say?

        Whose birthday is this anyway? 


Dawna Marie

My daughter 23

Showed me what true love could be.

In her Christmas card she wrote

Dad, your present is a coat

To a cold and lonely homeless lady.


Give yourself a gift this holiday season and help someone in need. Happy holidays!